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Last hope for Nàstic?

It has been said so many times in recent weeks that the match that Nàstic had ahead of it was a final that almost became true, but it was not because in such a tight classification a stumble did not acquire so many dramatic overtones. This day may be different because there will only be nine points left at stake after it and the room for maneuver will be much less. Linense visits the Nou Estadi (5:00 p.m.) in a duel of needs. One needs to win to maintain his playoff chances and the other to get closer to salvation. Dream against need.

For Nàstic, there is no denying that a defeat can leave the Grana team more than one game away from promotion and that can be directly fatal. That is why today the Granada fiefdom is the scene of hope because a victory can change it, but also a defeat. For better or worse. There are no half measures. In this case, the result will paint the box black or white.

Nàstic is aware that what lies ahead goes beyond a game. It is a final for which he is prepared and in which the Nou Estadi must be key. There are reasons for confidence because the grana fiefdom has been a stronghold almost throughout the season. The options of the grana team to be in the promotion their journey at home would not be explained. A path that began with the best start of Nàstic in its stadium in its entire history with five consecutive victories.

In recent weeks this idyll has been lost and has been partly responsible for the Nàstic not being higher. Because losing in the Nova Creu Alta was part of the plans, but losing points against Costa Brava or Sanluqueño was not. Six of the last 12 points have been accumulated by the Grana team in the last four games at the Nou Estadi, a regular and insufficient baggage to stay in the top five positions.

Improve on defense

One of the negative keys for this pothole has been that Nàstic has fit in at home much more than usual. Five goals in four games, more than one goal per game, an average that is far from consistent with the team’s defensive brilliance. A weapon that he has drawn both at home and abroad.

For this match with the air of a final against Linense, there could be offensive moves in the eleven, although especially in the offensive part because the defense and midfield do not point to changes.

The variations could come in the attacking duo in which there are five options for two positions. Dani Romera, Pablo Fernández, Becerra, Carbia and Édgar Hernández are the alternatives, although it seems that the man from Almería and the man from Gavà could be the chosen ones.

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