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La Urbana raises 21 minutes for incivility in a single night in Reus

The Guàrdia Urbana de Reus raised a total of 21 minutes this Saturday night, April 23, during a control of incivility deployed at the closing time of nightlife venues. In detail, as reported by the security body, 11 sanctions were processed for urinating on public roads – which can carry up to 1,200 euros, according to the current ordinance –, five for consuming alcoholic beverages on the street causing inconvenience – up to 600 euros –, three for possession of drugs –up to 1,200 euros– and another two for littering public roads –up to 600 euros–.

The local police have launched this month a campaign to promote quality nightlife in the city and want to prevent and reprimand uncivil conduct in this area. The main objectives are, as reported by the City Council, to maintain a safer quality nightlife offer, minimize inconvenience to residents, remember obligations, increase synergies with businessmen and coordinate nightlife venues and bodies to identify and address uncivil conduct.

For this reason, the Urbana has reinforced night services, drug controls, people who go out of the premises and schedules. In a second phase of the campaign, the municipal police will carry out outreach and awareness actions, with the collaboration of businessmen in the sector. It will do so through stickers, posters and other dissemination elements through different channels and from the same establishments, which contain awareness messages.

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