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La Ràpita pays homage to the artist Miquel Paton

La Ràpita will return there to pay tribute to the artist and painter Miquel Paton on the first anniversary of her death, in an act at the Sixto Mir auditorium, in the presence of family and friends, on which she will remember the person and creative trajectory .

In the act, the acquisition by the Ràpita City Council of two of its six squares is a public deed, which will be located in the lobby of the Sixto Mir auditorium. These quadres correspond to Painting 48 and Painting 50 of the Cartography Series (És).

In addition to the discovery of the quadres acquired and the respective plaques, the act of homage will consist of the screening of two short films on the life and works of Miquel Paton and the speeches of the mayor of La Ràpita, Josep Caparrós ; the Councilor for Culture of the municipality, Èrika Ferraté; and the friends of Paton Ramon Rosales and Núria Gil.

As reported by the City Council, also in homage to Miquel Paton, the Ràpita Magazine for the month of May 2022 will collect a set of articles, reports and images about the artist and his works. Among the personalities who have participated in the writing of these articles are the rapitencs writers Emili Rosales, Josep Pitarch, Carme Cruelles, Miquel Reverté and Pep Carcellé; the journalists Marina Pallás, Sofia Cabanes and Anna Zaera; or the architects Adolf Quetcuti and Joan Pineda. Així with also Ramon Rosales, Flavia Company, Fernando Pinós, Núria Gil or Bea Dalmau, among others.

Miquel Paton, most recently related to La Ràpita, will begin to exhibit regularly from the next year and his works will quickly obtain great relevance throughout Catalonia. Of course, his strong creative and artistic ability has made sure that you work seves form part of the fons d’espais such as the Royal Catalan Academy of Fine Arts Sant Jordi in Barcelona, ​​the Museu d’Art Modern in Tarragona or the Universitat Rovira i Virgili , among others.

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