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La Pineda will invest 850,000 euros to renew all the services on its beach

Next summer, Vila-seca beach will mark a turning point with the image of this kilometer of coastline.

The Vila-seca City Council already awarded the concession for the beach bars in October 2021, which this summer will change their physical appearance taking advantage of a comprehensive renovation of the service. These seven new premises will be distributed throughout the beach and last Monday, April 4, the concession was ratified for the owners after completing all the procedures and paying the fee for the first year of the concession.

The renovation of the beach bars is the first chapter in this metamorphosis of the Vila-seca coastline. The next step was the award of the works to provide these seven beach bars with services and then the change of walkways, watchtowers, lifeguard booths, children’s club and sports elements module were put out to tender.

The 11 walkways that will be placed in the sand to facilitate access to the beach for people with reduced mobility have already been awarded for a value of 48,400 euros.

And these next few days the rest of the pending services on the beach will be awarded. Sources from the City Council explain that the contest that was opened for these lots was abandoned due to several factors, one of them the increase in inflation and the difficulty of the candidate companies to be able to assume this action, which is close to 800,000 euros.

Faced with this situation, the consistory made a negotiated procedure with several companies and two of them are on the list to be awarded this contract. The same sources explain that the two finalist companies met last week and it is a matter of days before one of them wins this package of actions.

The 800,000 euros of investment (VAT included) consist of installing two lifeguard booths and a module that acts as a warehouse. The main booth will be located in the Pinar del Perruquet area (in the same location as the current one) and the second one on the Racó beach. The linked warehouse is to store material from the company that has the surveillance and lifeguard concession.

The beach will have four watchtowers distributed throughout the kilometer of coastline. They will be new and will allow a visual control of the entire coastline to act in an emergency.

The other two new constructions will be a children’s club and a sports booth with storage for recreational activities on the beach.

The design of these public services will be similar to the seven beach bars that could be set up at the beginning of June, when the season will kick off. It should be remembered that in 2021 the surveillance and lifeguard service in La Pineda began on June 1, three weeks before what was done by tradition, which was around the festival of Sant Joan.

The change in the design of public and private services will not be the last great transformation of La Pineda beach, which in the coming years should increase its width with the de-urbanization of a section of the promenade. This large-scale work (supported by European funds) will not affect public and private investment in the services that are being launched this season.

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