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‘La Passion de Crist’ returns to the streets of Constantí

The passat dissabte 16 d’April will have one of the most expected acts of Holy Week in Constantí, with the representation of Christ’s Passion pels carrers del poble, behind Les Forques Teatre, l’Associació d’Amics del Teatre de Constantí.

About seventy people have donated to the project, from the point of view of art, decoration and clothing. The Passion of this quest has affected due to the new scenes that are already going to be able to see the premiere of the year 2019. In these new scenes, of continuous molt emotiu, the infants will have a great protagonism.

The scenes will pass through different emplacements of the old town of the town, finally arriving at the Pista d’Estiu, an emblematic scene that is going to be recovered precisely for three years to recreate some of the scenes of this Passió

The representation of The Passion It will generate great expectations, after not having been able to finish for the last two years due to the pandemic.

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