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La Galera recovers Argila, the Fira de la Terrissa that refers to all the Estat

After two years sense being able to celebrate due to the Covid-19 pandemic, this year 2022 returns to Argila, the Fira de la Galera. Between April 29 and May 1, the municipality of the interior of Montsià will celebrate the 27th edition of this contest, which every year has been raised as a benchmark for the earthenware and ceramics sector tot l’Estat.

As usual, the stalls dedicated to this craft, both products from ornamentation to cuisine, among other functionalities, will fill the main streets of the town. Enguany is comprised of sixty exhibitors, from Catalonia, the rest from the State, and countries such as Hongria, France or Morocco.

They start from the pandemic, enguany the fair will not compete with an invited country. This was one of the usual proposals, but the uncertainty due to the health situation is that it is not programmed this central space in a specific country, which on other occasions has been dedicated to Japan or Argentina.

Yes, hi haurà, but, a demonstration of a different way of cooking ceramics by handicrafts in Hongria, the dissabte at 20 ha in the Plaça de l’Ajuntament, explains to the Diari the mayor of the municipality, Ramon Munoz.

I also had a specific space for the terrissaires and potters of Castella i Lleó, the autonomous community invited to this edition (and which is for the second time at the fair).

Although the fair will last for three days, less than usual, the organization hopes that it will increase the number of visitors from previous years, including 30,000 or 35,000 people who pass through the town to attend this monographic fair. “We hope to recover the past years and advance as a benchmark for this craft at the level of Catalonia and throughout the Spanish State,” says Muñoz.

The official inauguration will take place on the 29th in the afternoon, and will be attended by the vice-president of the Provincial Council of Tarragona, Quim Nin.


Visitors will also be able to attend the exhibitions at the Terracotta Museum (downstairs from the Town Hall). At the time of the fair, it is possible to visit room 1 (permanent), the show dedicated to the terrissa and the terrissers of La Galera, to contemplate the craft process of creating a piece of terrissa, productions and uses of the local terrissa and families of terrissers; While in room 2 (space dedicated to temporary exhibitions), there will be a ceramic exhibition ‘L’espai imaginat’, by Teresa Aparicio (ends June 5). It is the tract of a proposal with spherical shapes that rotate on their mateix, it is trenquen and projected cap to the exterior part of the seves internal masses, in a silent communication between them. Enamel cover, in some cases reinforced with rust and completing the decoration, a touch of illustre.

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