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King Felipe VI has a net worth of 2.57 million

The estate of King Felipe VI is 2.57 million euros, as announced by the Casa del Rey this Monday as a measure of exemplary and transparency and to “fulfill its commitment to renew the monarchy for a new time.” Of this wealth accumulated since 1998, 2.26 million are bank deposits and investment funds and 305,450 euros are objects of art, antiques and personal jewellery. The king has no real estate, and no money abroad.

The statement from the Palacio de la Zarzuela details that the king presents the declaration of income and assets every year assisted by the Tax Agency. The origin of his heritage is mainly due to the remuneration that he has received from the State in the last 25 years, both as Prince of Asturias and as king.

These global remunerations have amounted to 4.27 million euros gross. Felipe VI has decided to publicize his assets to “fulfill his commitment to renew the monarchy for a new time” and respond to the demands of citizens for greater regeneration and exemplary.

The king’s decision does not affect Queen Letizia, as the King’s House considers that the queen does not have “constitutional responsibilities” and that the Head of State is the king, according to Zarzuela sources. In addition, Zarzuela has separated this decision from the personal and judicial situation of King Emeritus Juan Carlos and has insisted that the objective is “to strengthen confidence in the Crown and in the King” and in his desire to contribute to the regeneration of life public.

The Royal House has informed the Government, the PP, and other political groups of this decision with the exception of ERC, Junts, Bildu, BNG and the CUP, for being formations “that are against the 1978 Constitution”, according to the sources .

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