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Kilometers to make epilepsy visible

Next Sunday, May 22, a new edition of the ‘Km per l’epilèpsia’ race will take place, organized by the Tarragona association ‘Si jo puc, tu també #epilep’. This is an initiative to commemorate National Epilepsy Day, which is celebrated on May 24.

The action will be carried out throughout the 22nd and the intention is to make this disease visible and normalize it and, at the same time, raise funds for medical research through donations of three euros or more.

One of the peculiarities of the race is that it can be done from anywhere in the world because it is an individual event. In addition, all ways of moving add up, so kilometers can be covered walking, running, cycling, in a wheelchair, swimming or dancing.

The organization asks the participants to take a photo before and after starting and to comment on the kilometers they have covered.

David Sanahuja, president of the entity, says that the idea of ​​making this format arose during the pandemic. Before the state of alarm was decreed, they intended to run a common race, but the restrictions put an end to the idea.

That is why when the authorities allowed to go out to play sports individually, they decided to adapt the test. The format worked, says Sanahuja, and that is why they have opted for this formula again in what will be the third edition. “The test is aimed at everyone from 0 to 99 years old, whether or not they have epilepsy, each one at their level, all meters add up,” says Sanahuja.

To register for the test, you must fill out the form, which is also on the association’s website. When the registration is done, the bibs will be sent. Then a photo will have to be taken before, during or after doing the kilometers. Both the photos and the distance achieved should be sent by email to the address The results will be shared on social networks.

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