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Jutjaran two homes accused of 24 silent robbery in domicilis

Two men, who are supposedly going to commit a total of 24 silent robberies per the whole of Tarragona, will be judged this month at the Tarragona Court. The prosecutor demands for each of them a total of 14 years in prison for a continuing crime of robbery with force in an inhabited house, a robbery with violence in an inhabited house, a danys and another fraud.

But the Public Ministry also requests that both continue to be expelled from Spain – they are of Moroccan nationality and are in an irregular situation in the country – and that they cannot return within the 21-year term.

But three more people – two men and a woman – are accused of receiving criminal charges on the bench of the defendants. According to the accusation, these objects are stolen in exchange for delivering diners. The sentence they face is two years in prison, which in the case of the two men, in finding themselves in an irregular situation in Spain, is exchanged for being expelled, they cannot return at the end of the system anys.

Operation Lapsus

The indictment of the Prosecutor’s Office states that the two main defendants are to agree to obtain diners by mitigating the theft of objects from the interior of the domiciles by mitigating the method of silence. They enter the cases forçant with a tornavís or similar object some of the finestres or portes corredisses of the lower floor. I act while people sleep inside. Among the sostret hi material there are various vehicles, which the processats utilitzaven per moure’s.

On April 25, the Civil Guard, as part of the Lapsus Operation, will search four homes in Tarragona: two from the Sant Salvador neighborhood and two from Torreforta. In three of them they will find objects coming from robatoris. In a house on l’avinguda Sant Salvador, the agents are going to find two boxes of chocolates from the darrer fet delictiu that they are accused of.

15th of gener (urb. Pallaresos Park)

They will import 2,000 euros, a computer and a gold medal, among other objects. Also an Audi Q7, which was abandoned by the mateixa nit to Sant Salvador.

February 14 (l’Ampolla)

They spend 350 euros, a bossa and a Tous purse, a portable computer, a photo camera and a video camera, a watch and jewelry fish. Also a Seat Ibiza, which was recovered on March 3 at Selva del Camp.

February 20 (Selva del Camp)

Bank documentation, a wallet, a check and a ronyorera. I also had a Ford Focus, I drove the next day to the Vila Romana urbanization, to Miami Platja.

February 20 (Castellvell)

A video camera, a computer and audio-visual equipment, a digital camera, jewelry, etc.

February 21 (Urbanization Masos d’en Bladé, in Miami Platja)

Dues thousand lliures, 200 euros, three mobile phones, two digital cameras, a PC, two amplifiers, loudspeakers, etc. Also an Opel Astra, recovered Torredembarra on the 29th.

March 10 (els Pallaresos)

Two thousand euros, a video camera, five mobile phones, two Pell jackets, etc. They go marxar amb a BMW 530, recovered two days later.

March 20 (Pont del Diable urbanization, Tarragona)

Setant euros, two mobiles, a console and an iPod, in addition to a Peugeot owned by a company and recovered from Sant Salvador.

March 25 (Tarragona)

A thousand euros, a digital photo camera, a mobile phone, steals and two bosses.

March 26 (Hostalets urbanization, els Pallaresos)

Claus, documentation and a Rover 45, recovered the following day in Miami Platja.

March 27 (Vanessa Park urbanization, l’Hospitalet de l’Infant)

Four-cents euros, a portable computer, a hard drive, a mobile phone, a backpack, a jacket and a Peugeot 307, will be recovered on April 2 at the Planes del Rei urbanization, in the mateix municipi.

March 27 (at the urbanization mateixa)

Six-cents euros, an Excel book, steals, a Bulgari watch, a wallet and a Chevrolet Lacetti, recuperat a la mateixa urbanització.

March 27 (tennis club of the urbanization)

1,300 euros, three mobile phones, a car and a Mercedes, located on April 1 at Carrer Gaià de Sant Salvador, in Tarragona.

April 2 (Urbanization Planes del Rei, l’Hospitalet de l’Infant)

They are not going to care because one day the Police will be alerted, while the marxaven lladres.

April 2 (Miami Platja)

They enter a private home but the tenant is going to cover the wall. Marxaren al seu restaurant, situated a prop. They are going to put a spotlight on a shaving machine and a television, spreading the spotlight.

April 8 (els Pallaresos)

A mobile, 150 euros, a bossa de mà, a game console, a camera, documentation and a Ssangyong vehicle.

April 11 (Mas Bladé, Mont-roig del Camp)

An mp3 player, 15 bottles of liquor and a Peugeot 607, recovered from the Joan XXIII Hospital in Tarragona.

April 14 (Perafort)

April 14 (Perafort) A mobile, 900 euros a bossa, some ulleres, some tisores and a Peugeot 206, trobat on April 25 at the Mas Clariana de Valls urbanization.

April 15 (Mas Clariana, Valls)

A mobile phone, documentation, a receipt and two wallets.

April 15 (Mas Clariana)

In a house owned by the previous one, the bosses van agafar, 100 euros, an iPod and a Renault Megane, recovered Bonastre on the 21st.

April 16 (Figuerola del Camp)

The tenant, in detecting intruders, will cridar. A d’ells is going to colpejar the donut. They are going to demand that they tell them about the diners and the joies, and also the secret numbers of the due dates. They are going to grab a Peugeot 307, recovered afterwards at the roundabout. Amb les targes van extreure 500 euros from a caixer in Pla de Santa Maria.

April 21 (Bonastre)

Six-cents euros, a bossa amb documentation, two mobiles, a computer, a television, a polsera d’or and a Citroën Xsara –recovered on the 25th in Alcanar–.

April 21 (Bonastre)

A thousand euros, two digital cameras, jewelry, GPS, 20 silver coins, and an Opel Kadett, which was recovered.

April 21 (Bonastre, in the mateix pad as above)

due plantains

April 23 (Alcanar Platja)

A Peugeot 607, dins of which he had golf clubs, some ulleres, documentation and a card. Van treure 200 € d’un caixer de Tivissa.

April 23 (Alcanar Platja)

A camera, jewelry and a motxilla.

April 25 (Els Pallaresos)

A computer, 250 euros, a rellotge, roba and a digital camera. And to the bar owned by the owner of the house, they will earn 400 euros, a jacket and three boxes of chocolates.

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