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Junts proclaims Pallarès the only candidate for the primaries in Reus and Terradellas challenges it

Víctor Terradellas has challenged the result of the collection of endorsements for the primaries of Junts per Catalunya in Reus after the party announced that it had not achieved the necessary 20% support and that the only one to do so had been the other pre-candidate, Teresa Pallarès . Asked about the situation, Terralledas has pointed to the diary that he has formalized the challenge and that he is waiting for movements, since he does know, as he states, that he has exceeded the necessary bar to compete to be head of the list in the municipal elections of 2023.

The party made public this afternoon, through a statement, that, after ruling out Terradellas, “since there are no more candidates, it will be the Municipal Territorial Commission who will decide whether Pallarès is automatically proclaimed a JuntsxCat candidate for the municipal elections of Reus or if the party affiliates will have to validate it through a last vote». In the same statement, the party added that “the participatory process of primaries will have allowed both JuntsxCat affiliates and independent candidates to present themselves, a model of internal, participatory and inclusive election in which Carles Puigdemont’s party allows citizens to exercise strict control over political action and its politicians.

Although the date announced at first for the start of the primary campaign was today, May 6, the result of the collection of guarantees was not released until after noon. The reception of guarantees would have closed yesterday and the initial forecast was that the campaign would last until the 13th. The primaries were to be held on the 15th and 16th, giving the option to vote to all affiliates with a seniority of six months.

Terradellas’ candidacy came as a surprise when it was taken for granted that Pallarès would be mayor of Junts in Reus, after stepping alongside Mayor Carles Pellicer and Montserrat Vilella resigning from her act as councillor. This newspaper has contacted Junts to clarify the mechanisms that the party will activate after challenging the collection of guarantees, waiting for this detail as to how it will proceed.

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