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Junts in Reus will repeat the guarantee process after the challenge of Terradellas

Junts per Catalunya in Reus will repeat the collection of guarantees for its two pre-candidates, Víctor Terradellas and Teresa Pallarès. This was announced by the party after, this Friday, Junts announced that Pallarès had been the only one to exceed the bar to access the primaries and Terradellas challenged the process, being convinced that he had also achieved the necessary 20% support. Since the challenge, which advanced the DiaryTerradellas was waiting for movements.

Junts now points out, through a note, that “since a challenge has been received and as a result of some doubts that the process has generated, the Municipal Territorial Commission, in accordance with article 10 of the regulations for the election of candidates, has met and has decided to start the process of collecting guarantees from the people who expressed their desire to be pre-candidates. The training alludes to “a computer error” that “has caused Terradellas to challenge.”

With repetition, Junts wants to “show the will to carry out clearly clear, transparent and democratic processes.” Thus, the new collection of guarantees will begin at midnight on May 9 and will close on the 15th at four in the afternoon. It will be done “through personal space Together, we decided as established in article 15 of the regulation. In the same note, the party indicates that “from the Junts per Catalunya Executive in Reus we cannot tolerate any slight doubt about the open primary process and we consider it essential to repeat the collection of guarantees in the face of impeccable primaries.”

Terradellas’ candidacy came as a surprise when it was taken for granted that Pallarès would be mayor of Junts in Reus, after stepping alongside Mayor Carles Pellicer and Montserrat Vilella resigning from her act as councillor.

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