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Jordi Morelló and Aïda Sánchez guanyen the Rodon-Giró Award, to Valls

Jordi Morelló Baget, for his Valls project and his term at the beginning of the 16th century: socioeconomic study at the height of the estimates of 1515 and by Aïda Sánchez Martínez for the project Les dons treballadores de la meitat del s. XX a Valls: a living memory, a non-obligated history, dotats ambdós amb €1,200. They are the two winners of the Rodon-Giró Historical Research Award, convened by the Fundació Ciutat de Valls.

The jury considers Jordi Morelló’s treball proposal to be very interesting and well structured, which allows to understand how the town of Valls was in the transition from the medieval period to the modern world, omplint one of the notorious existing historiographical buits.

In addition, the jury has valued Aïda Sánchez Martínez’s proposal as a most relevant and necessary work, and because it is a totally unknown subject in the Vallenca bibliography. The study of the role of the gifts in the world of work, which has been repeatedly invisibility, requires that the researchers in fact carry out an exhaustive investigation. The jury has especially valued the urgency of collecting oral testimonies, without the disappearance of the protagonists of the investigation.

an other saved

For another part, another jury has decided to award the Cristina Requena i Giró Journalism Award in the XXXVI series to TAC12 for the coverage of the Decennals Festes de la Mare de Déu de la Candela 2021+1.

The jury has valued the deployment of some made by the television channel and the hours of broadcast programming. A deployment that gives it the character of public service for this purpose, especially at a time when it was in the context of a pandemic.

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