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Joan Claver fuses the classic jazz trio with current touches

When the confinement ended, we needed fresh air, nature, to counteract the two months we spent locked up at home. Joan Claver escaped as soon as he could to the Mussara. He alone. In the middle of the walk she was surprised by a thick fog that gave meaning to the compositions that she was preparing for her new album. “It was like a revelation, suddenly all the songs fit together,” she recalls. She inspired the album’s title, Mist, and the cover: she oil-painted an image she captured that morning. «I like to paint from time to time», comments the Vilasecan musician.
Mist is Claver’s second jazz album. The first, Triangle, came out in 2016, also in a trio format but with a different line-up than the current one. Now he has counted on the double bass player from Milà Artemi Agràs and the drummer from Cornellà Xavier Reija. «I met them through my music school, Yamaha Music School Tarragona, and we immediately connected. I suggested they play together and we hit it off very well. We are in agreement », he says.
To record, they went in November 2021 to one of the most popular studios of the moment, in which pop and rock figures such as Enrique Bunbury, Love of Lesbian or Zahara take refuge: the Casamurada de Banyeres del Penedès. The mixes were made at the EQ Estudi in Vila-seca owned by his friend and also a musician Xavi Moreno -singer of La Fuga and Distrito Rojo-. The result was released on April 29.
«It is a contemporary jazz album, with piano, drums and double bass. We maintain the classic trio format, but we have given it a more modern, more up-to-date touch”, explains Claver, whose influences also go through rock. In fact, he is a bassist for the band Distrito Rojo from Vilaseca.
Mist is made up of nine of his own songs composed by Claver and a version of Radiohead’s Climbing up the walls. “The confinement was the trigger, it helped me to shape ideas that I had for a long time,” he says.
This Friday, at 8:30 p.m., they will go on stage at the Teatre el Magatzem in Tarragona to present the album live. The appointment is framed within the Dixieland. “It’s a luxury to play at this festival,” says the Vilasecano, who has already participated with other groups in past editions. It will be the second time they defend Mist live. The first was last Friday at the Malapeira Auditorium in Vila-seca, within the Emergent and Family Music Fair (Fim). “The reception was very good. We were at home with many familiar faces in the audience.”

“A Free Style”
His idea is to add more dates from September -now almost everything is closed-. Jazz engages more and more young people and there are many festivals throughout Spain. «They do not have the dimensions of an FIB, for example, but they do have quite a few followers. Jazz is a free style, with which I feel very identified. The songs transform continuously, when you play them they are never the same because there is a lot of freedom to improvise », he concludes.

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