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Jesús Gellida manages to raise €1,500 for the charity challenge of kmSOStenibles

The long-distance runner and promoter of Sustainable Development, Jesús Gellida, has successfully completed the challenge of doing what is considered the toughest race in the world, the Marathon Des Sables, and has raised €1,500 for the shared challenge of kmSOStenibles by the river Francoli.

The overall objective of the solidarity sports challenge of running the Marathon Des Sables was to contribute to an environmental cause and raise awareness about sustainability, the environment and sustainable development. For which, each Km in the Sahara desert could be sponsored
by people, entities and/or companies in favor of the NGO Start lo Cambio. All of the proceeds from the donation campaign will go entirely to reforesting and conserving the natural environment and areas near the Francolí riverbed through a series of reforestation days.

These conferences will be held with the schools during the 2022-2023 academic year when it is the best time to carry out reforestation and will be carried out in coordination with the rest of the Tarragona City Council projects to renaturalize the Francolí as it passes through the city.
The conference will be accompanied by previous talks in some schools in Tarragona, where Jesús Gellida will comment on his experience in the Sahara and, together with environmental technicians, will explain the importance of working for the sustainability of our closest environment.

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