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Jeff Bezos and social consciousness

“I wouldn’t want to write a book about Amazon. He was going to talk about the regional disparities of the Unit States, since we had a problem of inequality, not just between the rich and the poor, but between regions that each cop paid attention to». North American journalist Alec MacGillis It will be a decade traveling the country, researching from Washington and Baltimore ends to Seattle and San Francisco and the result of the investigations is In the shadow of Amazon. A history of our future future (Edicions del Periscopi/Peninsula), which will recently be presented at the Center for Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (CCCB).

«To the Midwest ho estaven passant molt malament, while tot Washington was prosperitat. Aleshores, he will elect Trump, both of which he faces will be clearer the disparity. I would like to serve Amazon to endinsar-me in these inequalities because it is omnipresent and in it seems a good metaphor of the notorious economy of the click», explains the author. By decomptat, he is not aware that his free book will not change things, considering that he hopes that readers «is posing that hi has darrere d’click when you buy from Amazon or in another giant, an action that face vam fer tots més in a pandemic».

I what hi ha al darrere? «Doncs tot a social impact, which affects the civil teixit. Will we get to aturate-ho?”, is a question. “I don’t know. L’objectiu is to raise awareness about the cause. If we avoid that this metastasis is propagated, better than better », she emphasizes.

In the shadow of Amazon. A history of our future, with the translation of Anna Llisterri, It is a compendi d’històries humanes, personals, vines that at one time or another have been affected by having to work or have been related to Amazon. But they also have people in charge of the company, considering that the author will not be able to access the material Bezos. What would you ask? “If at any time he has remained aware of the role of his other company in the disparities.” From fet, he comments that one of the first investors goes etzibar-li that «Bezos does not think about what is the best for the country, for the society. He himself is concerned about the results ». In this sense, the technological giant will not settle in a depressed area to help it, but rather in a more prosperous one, on hi hagi more llocs de treball. «It concentrates all the wealth and economic activity in a few cities, while some others remain between».

Però, quin ore of llocs de treball? «It is like turning to the 20th century, to the Industrial Revolution. Amb uns treballadors who charge a pittance, who do not have drets». Davant d’això, highlights the importance of The company’s first union recently created the million dollars that Amazon is going to invest in boycotting it. “It’s an incredible adventure,” said l’Alec. “Nobody hadn’t managed to get away from the US” Now, whether or not Amazon liked it, the union will work for the best of these working conditions.

«Bezos does not think about what is the best for the country, for the society. He himself is concerned about the results »

Abusive practices, precariousness and lack of protection… Tot i això, tot i ser-ne conscientos, every time that Bezos terrifies in a small city, in a small European town with one of the great magatzems, it is rebut with a great victory of the locality . «He has followed així als Estats Units, també. Really, they donate the welcome, they help, they donate incentives because there are communities that have lost so many labor groups that are desperate. Però quan diem who believe in our llocs de treball, it is not there. They are not nous, it is a substitution of one for another, because the retail business has been seen to be detrimental. I això tea an effect in the local social teixit. If the people abans treballava als pobles, ara ho farà als afores i, per tant, hi ha molt a perdre».

Molt a perdre, sobretot, to Europe, according to MacGillis’ point of view. «For a band, the governments try to help stop the great giants. Però, per l’altra, Here there was a strong tradition in the centers of the cities and it could be that the fall was greater. Vull dir, I had in joc a very valuable and very special thing and for això potser I had more to lose”, sentence.

«Quan diem who believe in our llocs de treball, it is not així. They are not us, it is a substitution of one for another, because the retail business has been seen to be detrimental»

Amazon did not defug the arguments of MacGillis, tot i do not share them. The seu is an other point of view. The company counterattacks that thanks to it the petit comerç pot vendre a tot el món. One thing that is not from tot certa perquè I will sell through the seva web page so that small owners pay between 20 and 30% of commission «and molts do not have an option».

Malgrat tot, hi has hope. “Yes. Hi there are many people who will fight and will continue to fight and I will explain». One of the cases is that of an owner of an office supply store in El Paso. “Amazon is going to try to force you to buy the products through the platform, but the donation is going to get many clients to buy directly from it.”

both In the shadow of Amazon MacGillis talks about the one who’s lost, of the direct contact, but also of all those who It remains perdre face, if not s’atura.

“It is a necessary book because it alerts us from cap to on ens anem encaminant a casa nostra”, goes concloure, per la seva part Aniol Rafel, editor of Periscopi.

In the shadow of Amazon is come to Amazon and also to all the petites llibreries of the country…

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