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Investment of 2.7 million in fire prevention

The general director of Forest Ecosystems and Environmental Management, Anna Sanitjas i Olea, accompanied by the director of the Territorial Services of Climate Action, Food and Rural Agenda for Terres de l’Ebre, Jesús Gómez, will visit the maintenance works there d’un punt d’agua per a sitat fires in Godall and will explain the main successes of forest management and the prevention of forest fires in Terres de l’Ebre.

The Department of Climate Action, Food and Rural Agenda will invest 72 million euros in Catalonia in the new fire prevention plan 2022-2025.

In Terres de l’Ebre, 2.7 million euros will be invested directly in forest management actions over the next 4 years to prepare the forests to face the climatic emergency and the great fires.

Since April, the Special Forest Fire Prevention Group (GEPIF) has two operational bases in Terres de l’Ebre, which are located in Arnes (Terra Alta) and Benifallet (Baix Ebre), to execute fire prevention treballs. Coverage in Terres de l’Ebre includes 13 effects and specific vehicles for prevention and first intervention services in agricultural and forest fires. Ends June 1st, maintenance tasks will be carried out on infrastructures to prevent forest fires.

These first few weeks, the tasks have been concentrated on adapting Malmese roads for the darreres pluges with the purpose of being the road that leads to the Caro mountain so that in the event of a forest fire, the vehicles of extinction hi puguin circular . They have also concentrated on reviewing and maintaining water points of the basic forest fire prevention and extinction system.

From June 1 to the end of September 30, the brigades will focus on surveillance and first intervention in fires.

Forest management to influence fire prevention. The most direct intervention is the creation of forestry infrastructure designed specifically for fire prevention. One of these infrastructures are priority protection perimeters (PPP), zones with a great risk of forest fires and with a continuation of the forest mass in which it is possible to produce large forest fires. Therefore, it is essential to plan for prevention and provide them with a basic fire prevention infrastructure (low fuel load areas, strategic forest trails and water reserve points), extended to the territory and with coherence supramunicipal.

As well as the new budget endowment, it will be able to act in all the priority zones of Terres de l’Ebre. Currently, hi has 5 more PPPs due to sharing with Tarragona. The projects that are already being drafted are those of Berrús – la Fatarella – Riba-roja, the Serra de Pàndols, the Serres de Cardó i Boix and the PPP Serra de Montsià. The one for Priorat-Serra de Montsant and the one for Tivissa-Vandellòs-Llaberia-Pradell are shared by Tarragona.

Amb la nova dotació pressupostària, they have just written various infrastructure projects to prevent the termes of Tivissa and Perelló.

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