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Intolerable waiting lists | Tarragona Newspaper

According to the report of the National Health System made public yesterday, a total of 706,740 patients in this country are on the waiting list for an operation in public health, with an average waiting time of 123 days. This is the highest figure in the historical series that began in 2003. By autonomous community, Catalonia is the one with the most patients on the waiting list for surgery, with 154,799, ahead of Andalusia (122,959) and the Community of Madrid (71,956). ). As for the waiting time, our community also comes out badly, not in vain the average delay is 156 days, a period only surpassed by Aragón (183 days), while the shortest waiting time occurs in the Basque Country (71 days). But these data only refer to surgical interventions, while the waiting lists are summations, that is, to these days of waiting, the list in Primary Care should be added, as well as that of diagnostic tests, plus the delay for the first specialist consultation. A sea of ​​waits that frequently exceed a year and in some cases, two years. An intolerable situation that requires an urgent plan of approach with an intensive use of resources and specific investments. Experts assure that the diagnosis is made and agreed, and that it is not a crisis of ideas about what to do, but of resources. In this sense, they require strengthening Primary Care, maintaining the resources contracted to deal with the pandemic and even increasing them to alleviate an endemic deficit of doctors and nurses and ostensibly improve the organization of the system. Thus, the ball is –in fact, it has always been there– in the court of politicians and public authorities, who have to guarantee the population the right to health protection. And it is the duty of the whole society to demand it.

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