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Installed the first of the new beach bars in Cambrils

The first of the 14 new beach bars that will be open from this summer has already been installed on the Llosa beach in Cambrils. The modules with the main house and part of the terrace are already visible on the sand, while a few meters away, on the Passeig Marítim, the workers continue with the work to enable the new electricity and sewage connections that the rooms will need for their correct functioning.

At that specific point in La Llosa, part of the bike lane and the pedestrian walkway are restricted. These same tasks are also carried out in the other points of the Cambrilian coastline where the rest of the beach bars are planned to be located.

The works affect the bike lane and Paseo de la Llosa. PHOTO: A. Gonzalez

Three construction companies in the province have been in charge of creating the different beach bars, all of them with the same material and finishes, which will be installed progressively from now on.

The previous government team of the Cambrils City Council opted to unify the design of these posts with the aim of giving them a “more modern, up-to-date and functional image”.

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