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Installation of solar panels on the roof of the Montblanc sports pavilion

The Sports Council of the Montblanc City Council has approved the project for the installation of solar panels on the roof of the sports pavilion. The work, with a budget of 87,096 euros, will be carried out with the municipal financing and also with the economic collaboration of the Feder European Funds.

The project, which will be fully operational from the end of the year, will guarantee the supply of the electrical supply to the interior of the sports pavilion, but also to the equipment of the Conangla i Fontanilles Regional Library, the Muralles College and also the totality of the sports area.

The Councilor for Sports, Francesc Benet, explained that «the commitment of the government team of the City Council is to work for sustainable policies that guarantee municipal management that is increasingly respectful of the environment. It is for això that, this new country is alienating, each time more, together with renewable energy sources».

This project is complementary to the millions in the sports area that have been developed by the technicians of the Maintenance Services of the Montblanc City Council, who have due to end the change of illumination to the pavilion, for all the lighting is led.

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