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Inflation and the Covid crisis advance a new food collection in Tortosa

The Banc dels Aliments, together with Càritas, Creu Roja, the Arxiconfraria de la Cinta and the Tortosa City Council organized a food gathering at the city’s supermarkets. A gathering that takes place a month before the usual due to the immediate need for food.

On the one hand, the inflation in the price of food is directly influencing the daily purchase of families, and, in addition, on the capacity of the Banc dels Aliments mateix. “Families ara amb els mateixos diners can buy menys aliments. A més això també also affects the own purchasing capacity of the mateixes entitats socials or the Banc dels Aliments. Now, the people who go to the supermarket come and donate food, it is also possible to be influenced by the prices of the products”, expresses the spokesperson for the Banc dels Aliments, Òscar Ologaray.

The other great factor that urgently needs these food items is the crisis derived from the pandemic. Is that in Terres de l’Ebre the demand for food has increased by 20% since the Covid-19 crisis. At first, May 2020, it is going to arrive at 40%. Des de llavors the demand has anat baixant, but not at the speed that the entities will return.

Finally, the crisis of the war in Ukraine also influenced the demand for food. “Hi there are many families who have arrived from Ukraine who will have resources and will be sorted, but the others who have arrived feel res, they have not left the task to Ukraine, and we have to try to accompany them”, values ​​Ologaray.

The collection of food is aimed at especially two types of products: canned fish, and la llet, since it is about two products of high nutritional value that are most necessary. “So many Càritas with Creu Roja donate abundantly to the families, they are food that is widely distributed”, expresses Ologaray. To give an example, a family of four members, if they eat a drop of milk every day, they consume a liter of milk a day.

With the start of the pandemic, retired people who usually rely on volunteers in the retreat may have greater reluctance to be in contact with so many people, it has been encouraged in this case the support of the youngest volunteers. Així, out of the more than 500 volunteers who gathered it during these two days, more than 150 are young people, who have been organized through the municipal institutions and youth and social entities.

This is the first collection of food with volunteers physically at the supermarkets after the pandemic (yes, it is going to be an alternative to the collection of funds). «We want to recover presence, and we believe that people are more encouraged to collaborate with food. There could be families who couldn’t collaborate with diners but would rather buy a couple of liters of milk. Els petits grans d’arena de molta gent fan gran la recollida”, details the portaveu.

Usually the spring harvest arrives in two days at 5,000 kilos of food. On this occasion, however, the Food Bank highlights the urgency and the need to obtain these foods immediately. «No ens marquem cap objectiu concret de quantitat. The one that really is important is to pick up, and fem molt d’èmfasi in the urgència. Necessitem ha els aliments. The food that we collect avui is to distribute dollars to the families of Tortosa derived from Serveis Socials. He who collected avui, dilluns per dinar aquestes famílies ho ser cuinant».

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