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Increasingly impossible (Sabadell 2-0 Nàstic)

Nàstic could have missed the last train to the play-off in Sabadell. The day that least deserved it as a visitor. One of the few times a daring team was seen. Determined to take the initiative as he does when he plays at the Nou Estadi. But between the lack of practice and the exaggerated lack of goal, he fell in the Nova Creu Alta (2-0) against a much more effective rival. The areas killed the good approach.

The film was similar to the one seen at the Nou Estadi in the first round in reverse. If then the clearest chances were harlequin and the victory grana, in Sabadell it was the people from Tarragona who had the best opportunities but the victory was local. Munitis has given an air of optimism to a team that could have collapsed in the first round and that is now sweet.
Nàstic will have to work bravely if it wants to reverse a plausible feeling, which it does not give them to reach the play-offs. Sometimes for not going and other times because when he goes he doesn’t have gunpowder. He misses more than a fairground shotgun on goal. In such a competitive league, the lack of a scoring striker is not only punishing, but devastating.

Nàstic tempered the foreseeable intense exit of the locals with the ball. Something unpredictable away from home. For the first time, they went out of the usual script as visitors and assumed that initiative that has been required of them since the beginning of the course. Take one more step. Be more aggressive and daring, as the captain Joan Oriol and the coach Raül Agné said in the previous one. It was not so difficult to assume that Nàstic cannot be satisfied with drawing a draw in any field. No matter how good the opponent is. Sabadell has shown in this second round to be one of the strongest in the group and they went to look for him in his field. In your stadium. This visitor version is late. When there are no more trains left. If it gives to stay one step away from the play-off, imagine if it had been put into practice much earlier.

One of the keys to the team’s offensive ability was that Pedro del Campo was able to touch with relative ease. The freedom of the Figueres makes offensive things much easier for the people of Tarragona. It is the compass that detects the gaps in the rival defense. He found one six minutes into the game. Dani Romera launched the cut and caught enough air to try his luck. His shot went wide.
There was also aggressiveness without the ball. The high pressure meant that Sabadell could not find their connecting man, Iago Indias, and even less Aarón Rey, their most unbalanced footballer who was waiting for his moment.

The two teams exhibited those reasons that have made them the least scored in the group. A heavy consistency. It costs horrors to crack it. Hence, the importance of being effective when the opportunity appears. And Nàstic was not in the first half. He had three clear chances. All of them. The first of strategy. Everything came out, except the definition. Pedro del Campo bounced it, Pablo Fernández hung it upside down and Trilles, alone at the far post, sent the ball into the clouds. Too bad because the central defender from Vilafamés played an impeccable defensive game. The goal would have been the icing on the cake.

The duel was balanced. Between two teams that were looking for that play-off place. But it was the granas who most insisted on the goal. They almost found him in a double chance that they avoided between the crossbar and the goalkeeper Emilio Bernad. Nil crossed from the left flank to a slight Romera who jumped like nobody else to head a ball that repelled the post. Pablo Fernández attacked the rebound but the goalkeeper reached out to get it off the same goal line.

Sabadell’s reply came immediately. In the counterattack of the double occasion grana. The leather reached Aarón Rey, the greatest danger. But he was met by a huge Manu García who repelled the shot with his foot.

With the feeling of having been able to open a gap, Nàstic went to the locker room. If it were a boxing match, Nàstic would win on points. But he couldn’t get the hit. He threatened and threw the gloves, failing to connect with the local jaw.
He did manage to hit Sabadell as soon as the second half began. Jacobo surprised from behind, without a mark, to finish off a cross from the right at will.

The Nàstic showed character. He tried to collect himself and looked for the second. Advancing the lines and taking risks. He could have come out expensive, with two arrivals from Simon and Romera that they did not know how to define, but he came out tails. Because with so much space behind them, Sabadell had the right terrain to attack vertically. Too much field for Aaron Rey who, this time, ended the counterattack with 2-0. The game died there for Nàstic, who could take a win to wake up to a reality, the play-off is very difficult.

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