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Inauguration of the remodeling of the Sant Josep Obrer civic center in Reus

The Minister of Social Rights, Violant Cervera, has made an institutional visit to Reus where she has visited the Casal Cívic i Comunitari Reus-Rambla and has inaugurated the remodeling of the Sant Josep Obrer de Reus Civic Equipment, together with the mayor of Reus, Carles Pellicer ; the Government delegate in Tarragona, Teresa Pallarès; the secretary of Habitatge i Inclusió Social, Carles Sala; the general director of Civic and Community Action, Cesca Domènech; and the director of the Territorial Services in Tarragona, Daniel Sagalà.

During the inauguration of the remodeling of the Sant Josep Obrer de Reus Kit, the Minister stressed that this kit is “a space specially designed to meet the needs and expectations of its users, with larger, multi-purpose and well-lit spaces. A space in which we will continue working to make it possible for everyone to have opportunities and for everyone to have a support network.”

Cervera has also highlighted that the Casal Cívic i Comunitari de Sant Josep Obrer de Reus, “like all the civic equipment of the Department of Social Rights, is an open space for relationships and coexistence, from which we want to contribute to impregnating our society with attitudes of respect towards the environment.”

Investment of €564,295 in improvement works

Last year, the remodeling and integral reform works of the equipment were completed, which has the Casal Cívic i Comunitari– Sant Josep Obrer, the Office of Social Affairs and Families of Reus (OASF) and an Òmnia Point. These improvement works have made it possible to make more effective use of the spaces generated inside, improving the facilities and interior finishes, with larger, more versatile, comfortable and well-lit spaces.

The Department of Social Rights has invested €564,295 in the improvement works. It is estimated that this equipment, inaugurated in 1993, has some 40,000 users per year, likewise, the OASF served 21,101 people during 2021.

The minister has also visited the Casal Cívic Reus-Rambla, inaugurated in 2008, which consists of a dining-cafeteria, hairdressing and podiatry service and offers activities for young people, the elderly, children and entities, with the aim of improving the community, promoting integral development of the person, promote civic values ​​and support the associative fabric.

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