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In search of the national kingdom

For Sofía García (Esparreguera, 2000), fashion is a vocation practically from the cradle. She has always been interested in the world and, since she came of age, she has tried to get involved with the trade. She takes advantage of every casting that they provide her and she does not hesitate to enrich her training. She is a student of dietetics, aesthetics and beauty, as well as an instructor in an educational center, she intends to build a stable path on the catwalk. “I see him sleepy since I was little and I have decided to fight for him,” she admits.

Sofía has become the representative of Tarragona in the state contest of the National Beauty Reign, a kind of Miss Spain, considered one of the most reliable contests of the moment. She did it after passing, on March 26, the Catalan court. She there she reached the Tarragona band, despite not residing in the area.

52 candidates for the reign will try to seduce the jury not only with beauty, but also through their sympathy, ingenuity on the catwalk, height and oratory, values ​​that can decant the criteria of connoisseurs. Sofía already has some experience in pageants, despite her precocity. She was Miss Osona in 2020, a title that opened doors for her future and she was among the top ten ranked Miss Grand Barcelona.

Malaga, the headquarters

The Final Gala will take place on Saturday, May 28, 2022, in Torrox, Málaga. In that town on the Costa del Sol you will have to live with the rest of the models for almost a week, just before the chosen day. “I guess we will have to go to an event and carry out different activities, they still have to give us a little detail about how everything will be”, reflects Sofía.

For his part, in the candidates section, the model from Mont-roig del Camp, Alessandro Neve, 24, will attend the gala as a Tarragona representative. Swimming teacher and in the final stages of his Nutrition career, this young man, with Italian roots on his father’s side, has managed to reach the national final after the Mister Catalunya observers gave the go-ahead. “They contacted me and proposed that he be a candidate for Tarragona,” Neve specifies.

Passionate about fashion, nature and fitness, he has focused his life on the catwalk since he was 18 years old, although «I need to combine it with other occupations, because at the moment it is difficult to make a living from this». He has paraded in important contests such as Guapo España, in Malaga, or Caballero de España. The Final Gala of the RNB will take place in Nerja during the coming autumn.

The National Beauty Reign was born in 2019 under the presidency of Jesús Bueno and Juan Delgado and a whole work team, with the repeated need over time to project a new concept of contest in Spain, after more than a decade of performance and monitoring In the area.

The appointment brings together 52 candidates and 52 candidates, 104 participants, from all over the state geography, representatives of provinces and autonomous cities. They become ambassadors of fashion with the potential of a Spanish brand, culture and idiosyncrasy.

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