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Impulse to Terres de l’Ebre to be referents in the ecological transition of the country

The Terres de l’Ebre Think Tank Opinion Group and the Institut per al Desenvolupament de les Comarques de l’Ebre propose that the Terres de l’Ebre follow the fourth pilot trial of Catalonia for the Shared Agenda for Sustainability.

Here the Think Tank Terres de l’Ebre and l’IDECE are going to organize Tortosa with the opportunity to participate in the first conference «Terres de l’Ebre: economic transformation of nature and well-being?» to create a shared agenda that positions the Terres de l’Ebre as a benchmark for the ecological transition to Catalonia.

The shared agendas for sustainability and social change are agendas that articulate, through a model of participatory governance, the collective action of diverse actors to face a common repte (normally related to the Objectives of Sustainable Development ) to the territory and the problems that are derived. Així, they are a participatory model in which the different agents of the territory are involved in donating a joint response to the representatives of the future. The responses imply fundamental changes in lifestyles and patterns of consumption and production, that is, transitions from current systems to sustainability.

“There are initiatives and reps from the territory that flourish there and that are responded to in the mateix, through the economic and social agents of the mateix territory. It is an ambitious initiative, since there are not three in Catalonia and we would love for the fourth to be here in Terres de l’Ebre”, explains the Secretary of Economic Affairs and European Funds of the Department of Economy and Finance of the Generalitat, Tortosa Matilde Villarroya.

«Europe ins demana transform the territories into more resilient and fairer espais. Catalonia is much more than Barcelona, ​​it has territories with many potentialities, but they are the mateixos territoris that know their potentialities, but they must be very participatory. Quan ens plantegem què Terres de l’Ebre can be tots ho tenim clar: natural resources, welfare capacity… but we also need an active economic model, and we think that yes it is compatible with nature and welfare. For això volem that the territory s’hi pronounce, and create an agenda, to capture models and businesses and investments, but between all », he expresses.

Espai d’expression

After the inaugural presentations focused on sustainability, Elvira Carles (Fundació Empresa i Clima) and Àurea Rodríguez (Eurecat) are also going to hold rounds here to address what the shared agendas for sustainability are and how they work. the social change, posant com a exemples les agendes share of Bages and Terres de Lleida.

Representatives of companies and institutions will also explain the six successful initiatives that contribute to the sustainable growth of Terres de l’Ebre. In the afternoon, they are going to hold training sessions in smaller groups for debate on the articulation of the governance of the shared agenda, the actions to dare talent to the territory and the mechanisms to bring out success initiatives.

The conference held here will include the participation of representatives of the local administration and the Generalitat de Catalunya along with companies, associations, organizations and professionals committed to sustainability.

“Private investment is fundamental. Sometimes the artífexs dels canvis are the people and the companies. Hem d’anar de la mà amb el mateix objetiu, amb la collaboració public-private”, Villarroya will assess. «Our motivation is that we are people of the territory who value the territory. The one who volems is the millor per a l’Ebre i fer-ho des d’aqui. And the people here are the ones who have to decide what will fly”, concludes the secretary of Afers Econòmics.

The director of the l’Institut per al Desenvolupament de les Comarques l’Ebre, Xavier Pallarés, will state that they intend to repeat these conferences annually.

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