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I Sant Jordi has returned to win the dragon to Montblanc

Sant Jordi avui not named vha tingut l’drac threat but also del pluja, which will suspend some of the acts –among them the two representations of the Legend– and modify the scene of others. But in the end, the knight has overcome the fair, lliurant the rose to the princess inside the church of Sant Francesc in the presence of the royal family and also of the noble families of the ducal village.

The threat of pluja is that the organization, due hours away from the representation, decides that the act of delivering the rose is not to the Foradot but to the church of Sant Francesc. A les dotze del migdia, the sun rained on Montblanc; a quarts d’una, not so much. I while I had lloc the representation to sopluig va caure a fort aiguat.

Family of one of the noble families. Photo: Angel Juanpere

But the hundreds of people who will complete the venue – most of them in peu – will be able to see a different scene from this traditional act of the Medieval Week.

Apart from the indret, one of the novelties of the representation will be the Ball de les Donzelles, the new young people who have been presented to be princes and who will not be chosen. Llavors, they will decide to form this group, which will dance during the party. The second novelty will be consistent with gender equality.

Ball of the Flags. Photo: Angel Juanpere

Traditionally, it was the cavallers who lliuraven the rose to the ‘banners’. But in this edition it has been mixed. In this way, as the president of the Associació Medieval Sant Jordi, Maties Martí, will say, it is true that these festivities value the role of the donut, something that did not happen in medieval times.

History is going to repeat itself. Montblanc was a prosperous and wealthy town. Fins que l’arribada d’una beast «ferotge com mai s’havia vist», a monstre that knew how to «swim, walk and fly». He will not be able to win and the Montblanquins will donate all the animals of their branches. Però is going to exhaust.

The king is going to decide that every day there will be a lottery between all the inhabitants and the one for whom you decide the lottery will be lliurat a la fera. And the first name I drew was that of the princess. But the appearance of cavaller Jordi is going to change everything, he is going to kill the drac amb seva espasa. And there on brollà the blood goes néixer un roser. The hero is going to take one of the flowers and the lliurà from the princess. I to celebrate-ho, the couple, the kings and the noble marriages of the vila van ballar.

In children’s version

The little ones also have a glove and the particular seva represented on the legend of Sant Jordi. The scene was the mateix, the church of Sant Francesc, all of which was initially planned for the cloister –but the sky was also threatening in the afternoon–.

Amb els nens asseguts a terra a front row, the company Factoria BRAM is going to pose on stage the cantata La llegenda de la princesa i Sant Jordi. An interactive work with the public, with songs and also with a different ending.

The context is the mateix. A town of Montblanc amb seu castell of him, with the king carries «pau, justice i riquesa a la vila», which was «prospera i feliç». Però l’arribada d’un drac ho canvià tot, o almenys això semblava.

The king will send his soldiers, but they will not be able to defeat the dragon. I arrived at the moment of treure the name of the person to be sacrificed: Eleonor, a princess who did not return to follow the passes of her seva mare of her only know how to sew and fer «donut sewing». She would learn to fer anar l’espasa.

The talking drac amb els nens. Photo: Angel Juanpere

She is going to sort out the forest and there she is trobà with the cavaller Jordi, who will save her. But she wasn’t ready and they were going to join the beast. Però aquesta was not com havien dit; de fera, beef. The only problem she had was that she carried a branca nailed to the dit of her foot. I li van treure. D’aquesta situation she was n’ha de treure una lliçó: «not semper hem de creure el que ens diuen d’un».

Throughout the day, the streets of Montblanc will be envaïts by thousands of visitors. Carrer Major, full of parades, at some moments, was practically impassable due to the great volume of people. The youngest could bid a horse to the wall of Sant Jordi, the great gaudir d’a demonstration of how the glass is blown.

Esclaus Market. Photo: Angel Juanpere

There will also be no shortage of representations, such as the slave band, with the vendor interacting with the public to see who donates more. A three of coke, a three of pa. Tot was worth.

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