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I els nazarins s’imposaren to the local noble families of Montblanc

During the Age of Mitjana, the war was of great importance, and the cavallers also had a very privileged status. Ahir a la nit, amb the wall of Sant Francesc com a fons, vuit cavallers van mesurar les seves forces in a medieval torneig. On the one hand, they were from three of the five noble houses of Montblanc –Alenyà, Gener and Vilafranca–, on the other hand, the Nasrid house of Granada, which was invited by the king. A struggle of strength, courage and empowerment. In reality, the memory of the participants is from Montblanc i l’altra, from the grup de theater d’action Excalibur

The great stays are full, not only of Montblanquins but of visitors from the Arreu. Volien reviure l’éspectacle medieval, which in this edition will recover the format of fa uns anys. Vuit cavalls, vuit genets, preparats per lluitar fins el final. Per davant tenen eleven proves de tot tipus, some damunt el cavall, d’altres, al terra: fill a javelina to a target, hit the llança in a ring with the cavall a gallop, lluita cos a cos amb l’espasa or a martell, or stretch the corda.

After almost an hour of torneig ja hi ha guanyador: Hassa Ben Hafsun, from the Casa Nazarí. The prize is 1,000 gold coins and one thousand jornals de terra del rei. And as a graïment, the winning house gives the king a show of typical balls with the foc as the protagonist.

a medieval crowd

The church of Sant Miquel de Montblanc, built in the middle of the 13th century, will greet the Catalan Corts in the years 1307, 1333 and 1370. Once there, it will once again be the meeting place for the Board of Trustees and Consols – which now it would be the municipal ple–. At the end of the day, as soon as the Síndic Mayor arrives, there are three things to negotiate. The three correspond to the nomenament of favorite fills, two of which have a posthumous title.

The first point was a reference to Mercè Matilde Vives i March, who died last year. Especially noteworthy is the link that from January 1992 to November 2021 she goes to the capdavant of the Nanos de Montblanc group. Since 1992, when it is created the replica of the Giants of Montblanc. She and her husband, in Josep Maria, are going to entrust the Ball de Nans to the musician and composer Josep Maria Amorós, a piece that «will be a symbol and an icon that identifies the Montblanc Nanos».

The second to be appointed was Salvador Nogués i Vallverdú, who was from the year 1980 and ended at the seva mort enguany was mayor of Rojals. He will work actively for the preservation of the nature and environment of Rojals. During the first years of life he was feu, with his germà, executing forest feines. He is dedicated to managing, together with his wife, the Montblanc Stop bar. The comparison of the Rojals that is going to be found in 1980 and the Rojals that we know today, are the reflex of the feina ben feta at the age of 42 years.

The relatives of the two Fills Predilectes will say that surely they were not pleased with that act because they were not keen supporters of the tributes.

Yes, I was presenting the third Fill Predilecte to the church. Josep Maria Porta Balanyà will say that a recognition like this is the greatest honor that can be given to your people. Graduated in Geography and History, throughout his professional life he has carried out different historical investigations and since 1983 he will direct the Conca de Barberà Regional Archive, a bar that he will develop at the end of 2021, when he is going to retire . He has a long historiographic production on the Conca de Barberà and, especially on Montblanc, in addition to more than a hundred articles of historical research on Montblanc and the Conca de Barberà edited in acts of conferences, col loquis and congresses, in specialty magazines.

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