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I don’t see it | Tarragona Newspaper

I don’t want to be pessimistic. Nor responsible for snatching hope from anyone. But I don’t see Nàstic in the play-off. I hope I’m wrong. But no matter how close the promotion positions are, the feeling that the team transmits does not invite us to think that it will be capable of keeping the type until the end in this fight that is expected to be long, as the coach Raül Agné has said in more than an occasion, and in which there are many teams involved. With the defensive approach that we see week after week in matches away from the Nou Estadi, we are closer to drawing (and losing) than winning. Because in football things always happen. As much as you don’t want to. If you don’t provoke them, the rival will. And when you depend on others it usually goes wrong.

Nàstic’s poor results as a visitor are nothing more than a reflection of what the team does on the pitch. Some time ago he had been warning of the risk that the enormous defensive virtue of the Grana team (it is still the team with the fewest goals in group 2 of the First RFEF) would become its main defect. As it was in the end. They have been so comfortable defending that they have lost interest in attacking. They just have to wait for an opportunity that falls from the sky and take advantage of it. It remains to be seen if this involution has been a football issue, the natural course of the team, or a message instilled from the bench. The worst thing is that this approach is not only for games away from the Nou Estadi, at home it has also fallen into defensive monotony. Something less, of course, because the thrust of the stands does not allow situations as abusive as the one in Murcia. But always with limited risk.

4 Luck

Make no mistake, the granas are having some luck in the last two games. It is true that there have been days in which she has been very elusive, especially in the offensive part, but it is equally true that against Castellón there was a good dose, despite the victory in the first half she could go with a disadvantage, and also in Murcia. If it hadn’t been for the sticks (up to three UCAM had) or for the interventions of Manu García (impeccable in another three) Nàstic would have returned to Tarragona with a more than deserved defeat. There was no control at any time. Neither before 0-1 nor with the advantage. It was the same match that was played against San Fernando, Linares, Algeciras, etc. with the difference that Nàstic scored first and forced the rival to run further. And that UCAM Murcia is in the situation it is in.

7 No offensive initiative

If it hadn’t been for the ball that Fullana lost, which caused Edgar to pass to Dani Romera and Pedro López’s penalty, Nàstic would not have managed to shoot between the three posts. There are no offensive ideas other than long balls to the back of the defense or to the head of the reference striker. Not even transitions after recovery are productive. With the team defending so close to their penalty area, getting to the other end of the field is extremely difficult. If we add to this the lack of precision and ideas, the result is easily predictable.

4The play-off, one point away

I am going to leave the door open so that the optimists do not say. The results once again benefited Nàstic. Or at least, they did not penalize the tie in Murcia. Of the direct rivals, only Atlético Baleares, who beat FC Barcelona B (6-2), Algeciras, who took the three points from Palamós (0-1) and Sabadell, who achieved the victory by the minimum against the Sevilla subsidiary . The three advanced to granas in the table. Linares failed, which was thrashed by Villarreal B (5-0) and also Real Madrid Castilla, who lost to Alcoyano (1-2) and allowed the team from Alicante to join the party. San Fernando, Nàstic’s next rival who will visit the Nou Estadi-Costa Daurada on Friday at 9:00 p.m., tied in extremis against Cornellà (3-3). A lot of equality, but a black future.

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