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How to go to school in Altafulla without having to get in the car?

The Altafulla City Council presented yesterday a study that it has commissioned from L’Escamot Cooperativa to determine the diagnosis of the family habits that take students to school. The diagnosis of this report should be a starting point to change unsustainable habits (use of the car) and promote healthy habits.

Thus, the report makes it clear that the car continues to be the main means of transport for the families of Altafulla when it comes to accompanying their children to the educational centers of La Portalada, El Roquissar and the Institut Altafulla.

As Albert Papell, representing L’Escamot Cooperativa, explained, “there is a lot of work to do in response to the results of the surveys”, despite the fact that he has also pointed out that “there are two exceptions: the return journeys from the La Portalada school and the Institute. The people who walk outnumber those who use a car.

Papell has also pointed out that a good part of the students of the Escola El Roquissar come from outside Altafulla and this means that the use of the vehicle is more widely used in this center.

Even so, as has been made clear in the urban analysis reflected in the plans, a large part of the core of the town is within a radius of about 500 meters from the educational centers. This factor, combined with the urban character of the nucleus, makes Altafulla a very interesting context for the implementation of a School Paths initiative, routes that promote healthy habits.

The report is based, in a first and second phase, on an urban analysis and a direct survey process to families that has been carried out in this past quarter with a high participation with a total of 829 responses from a universe of 1,200 children and young people who study in the centers.

The survey has also revealed the interest of a large part of the educational community in actively participating in the development of the School Routes. As the results show, almost 94% of the responses find the idea interesting. In addition, 45% globally have declared that they would like to help to participate in the initiative.

For her part, the co-mayor and person in charge of the Environment, Alba Muntadas, explained that the next step will be the design and implementation of the Altafulla School Routes Network with the participation of the agents involved, such as families, schools and the local police, among others.

Muntadas also recalled that this project is part of the actions derived from the Week of Sustainable and Safe Mobility. In fact, as Albert Papell has pointed out, “Caminos Escolares is an educational, transversal, participatory and transforming project, both in public space and in the population’s mobility habits”. The design of this network will be in charge of the local illustrator Rebeca Luciani.

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