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I have sadly read in El Periódico the story of Amparo Martínez, a 74-year-old woman from Barcelona who has 63% mental disability and who has just been evicted from the flat where she has spent her entire life.

The most dramatic thing about her case is that it is not an eviction for non-payment; she does not owe anything, she lived in her house. She lived in that apartment with her parents and there she continued when, on the death of her parents, she inherited 50% of it, while the other half of it remained in the hands of some nephews who They sold it to a company.

And this went to court, which decided that the new co-owners had the right not to share it with Amparo. There was an auction that she could not attend due to lack of resources.

Total, that the house has been sold and the woman has been kicked out with 108,000 euros, which corresponds to her for half of the sale, money that will be reduced to 80,000 after taxes.

The problem is that she doesn’t control the money; a judge incapacitated her and handed over her guardianship to a foundation, which means that nobody wants to rent a flat from her –and she has already contacted thirty landlords–.

Yes, it is very sad that one is forcibly evicted – during the eviction the judicial procession was accompanied by seven Mossos vans – from the house where he has his life, his things, his memories… What a pity that the money is for above humanity. What a cruel paradox that this image of helplessness is called Amparo…

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