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He crashes into a wall in Calafell and refuses to take a breathalyzer test

A driver crashed in the early hours of this Sunday against a wall on the Mas Romeu de Calafell road. Although the driver was not damaged, the material damage is considerable.

The accident It happened around two in the morning. For reasons to be determined, the accident car was driving towards the center of town.

At one point it has invaded the opposite lane, it has collided with the wall on the left of the road with such intensity that It has been thrown against the wall on the right.

The Local Police has gone to the area and has instructed proceedings against the driver since he has refused to carry out the breathalyzer test.

To remove the remains of the wall against which the vehicle has impacted, it has been necessary to use heavy machinery.

The road between Mas Romeu and the center of the town of Calafell, in addition to being narrow, has several sharp curves where it is necessary to moderate speed. Several accidents have already occurred on this road.

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