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Guided tour of the railway history of Sant Vicenç de Calders

East Sunday, April 24, the Sant Vicenç de Calders station turns 135. What was an emblematic station in a strategic communications hub allowed the construction of a railway colony for the workers who laid the line and which is a sample of those settlements for railway workers.

The neighbors residing in the housing barracks created the Association for the Preservation of the Railway Colony with the aim of claiming its protection and adaptation to make a visitable space. To do this, they have recovered facilities such as the school or the chapel, in addition to rescuing elements and trying to maintain the site as a historical space.

next to the ARailway Family Association have organized for this Sunday (11.00) a guided tour of the core to share your story. They will also inaugurate anExhibition on the station and the colony at 12.30. The sample is in the room of the school.

The participation of Manel Gracia who was head of the Sant Vicenç de Calders station from 1972 to 1993, when he retired. His parents were among the first inhabitants of the colony in 1910.

The station and the railway colony.

To know more about the railway colony and the station:

– Why did Sant Vicenç stop being ‘in transit’?

– Bombarded more than 100 times

– It had its own currency and a commissary train

– With school, dispensary, chapel and theater group

– A surprising story

– Even with horror stories

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