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Great deployment in the Port of Tarragona for a simulated rescue

The Port of Tarragona today organized a rescue exercise for a crane operator. The training simulated the case of a crane operator who became unconscious inside the cabin of a mobile crane, in one of the Noatum terminals, in the port area, due to the emission of smoke from the fire in the same crane. The exercise consisted of rescuing the crane driver and extinguishing the fire that broke out in the crane.

The Port of Tarragona carries out this type of exercise to check the efficiency of the self-protection plans of the Port Authority of Tarragona and the port community. In addition, the ALERT 24 automatic communication system has been tested, which automatically broadcasts SMS, e-mail and voice messages within the port community to alert, inform and give instructions, if necessary.

A fire in the cabin has also been simulated. Photo: Courtesy

The exercise consisted of rescuing a crane operator who was left unconscious inside the cabin of a Noatum company mobile crane, while a grain ship was being unloaded at the port’s Moll de Castilla, as well as extinguishing this fire. In addition, floating barriers have been extended near the ship, to avoid possible marine contamination due to fuel spillage.

In the manoeuvre, in which the self-protection plans of the Port of Tarragona were activated: PAU, level 1 and PIM alert, coordination between emergency teams, team preparation and other technical aspects were put to the test. The exercise has served to check the effectiveness of these plans and improve actions in emergencies in which port operations are involved.

The drill has had the intervention of personnel from the Noatum terminal, Maritime Captaincy, Maritime Rescue, Firefighters from the Chemical Park, Firefighters from the Generalitat de Catalunya, and with the Port Police and personnel from the Prevenport toilet (Activa Mutua).

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