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Governing means assertiveness, not victimism

Political victimism is the conscious and constant practice of an attitude of «martyr» to blame others and to justify or threaten your failures, errors or lack of initiatives and projects. A clear example is the current municipal government: a team that was responsible for the seve actions, the seva inefficiency or the seva more than evident incapacitat at the time of facing the reptes de ciutat.

The PSC is going to support the elections, but ERC is going to think that they are faring better and are going to decide to govern. Three years have passed and the only one escorted by the current political leaders are complaints, laments and accusations of wrongdoing. It’s the fault of the ones who had left, the fault of the entities, the fault of the veïns, the fault of the civil servants… but at the moment they assume that they are going to promise a change to the million, and the only reality that we can verify today is that the Ciutat està pitjor que mai.

Robert Hughes will publish in 1994 The Culture of Complaint, an al·legat against political correctness and victimism. He spoke of victimism with a passive attitude and constant evasion of the problems and blamed others for all that happened. To Tarragona, trobem molts exemples d’aquesta manca de responsabilitat per part de l’actual govern.

According to ERC, the gardens of the Tabacalera are not open to the tarragonins and tarragonines, because the functional plan is going to be drawn up in the socialist era, the April fair is not held because of the entities, the Fons Feder per al Banc d’Espanya because the calendar set by the European administration «is very complicated to be able to comply» (Reus: Fons Feder per a la millora i recuperació del passeig de la Boca de la Mina de Reus; Vila-seca: projecte Feder « Restoration for the cultural development of the Celler Noucentista; Alt Camp: 2.1 million euros for the project “history and heritage, the lands of a land”; El Vendrell: Fons Feder for the millionaire of the urban environment of the center of the maritime district of Coma-ruga…).

Honestly, it is worrying that the current mayor has established the culture of the complaint in our city fins to the point that this has been the main element of the seva political action. Willing to govern, but managing Tarragona means dialogue, shared responsibilities to improve the reality of citizens and citizens, and the assumption of responsibilities when it is necessary. Assertivitat is fundamental, defending their own ideas, but as well as an active attitude when looking for solutions, facing what was supposed to escort entities, associations, cultural agents or see and see who do not understand what is happening in the seva ciutat.

Tots fem coses bé i coses malament, but the one who cannot be is always to be donating the blame to the veí. We need a responsible government, empenta i il lusió. And yes, we need a change, but this cop cap a millor.

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