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Goal dis-average | Tarragona Newspaper

In Sabadell a huge opportunity to climb to the play-off zone was lost. The umpteenth train was allowed to escape and in the schedule of convoys towards the play-off in Galicia, it does not seem that there are many left to pass through the Nou Estadi station. The Grana team fell to eleventh position and although there are only two points that separate them from fifth place -a surprising Barça B- there are many teams between the Tarragona and the noble zone. Too many bumps are needed.

It is true, that they have occurred than expected. In fact, if it weren’t for those unpredictable results, Raül Agné’s team would no longer have options to promote. But wasting so many chances, as many as missed goals, leaves very little room for optimism.

In this equality, which has brought together nine teams in just four points for two places in the play-off, the details are increasingly important. Notes such as the goal average, that aspect that is so decisive in the event of a tie. It is worth one point. An element that with the majority of adversaries, the Nàstic has it against.

For example, with Sabadell. Aarón Rey’s goal sentenced the duel (2-0) for the harlequins and also made the goal difference in direct confrontations also fall on his side. In the first leg, played at the Nou Estadi, the Granas won 1-0, thanks to a goal from Fran Carbia.

Against Atlético Baleares and San Fernando the goalscoring is also lost. Nàstic was able to win at the Nou Estadi and in Mallorca, but in the first they lost due to the greater effectiveness away from home (1-2), while at the Balearic Stadium a goal from Canario in the last minutes of the match prevented Grana’s revenge (1 -one).

In San Fernando, Nàstic played one of its ‘house brand’ games this season as a visitor. He did not play anything and was scalded (2-0). In Tarragona, despite having enough chances to score goals, they ended up drawing (1-1) and thanks.

With three teams it is even. Linares lost at the Nou Estadi (3-1) and won at Linarejos (2-0). With Real Madrid Castilla, the granas fell at Di Stéfano (2-1) but won in Tarragona (1-0), while against Algeciras the 1-0 result was repeated. In these cases, the tie in points is resolved on the overall goal difference. And there, the Nàstic has it really bad. Right now I would lose all three. Granas have +4, Linateres +7, Algeciras +5 and Real Madrid Castilla +14. It will be necessary to improve the forcefulness in the areas if they want to change those results.

With two teams, the goal average is won. They are Barça B and Castellón. The Barça subsidiary has been beaten at the Nou Estadi (1-0) and at the Johan Cruyff (0-2), while against the Orellut squad they drew in Castalia (1-1) and in Tarragona they achieved the only win of the course (3-0).
The goalscoring with Alcoyano has yet to be defined. In the match played at the Nàstic fiefdom, the Tarragona side took all three points (2-1). The duel will close the course and could decide the options of both to access the promotion phase.

27 points in direct duels

In the absence of that last confrontation at the El Collao stadium, Nàstic has already met twice against their most direct rivals in the fight to enter the play-offs. The background in these duels is 8 wins, 3 draws and 6 losses. A total of 27 of the 51 points at stake. Oddly enough, the difference between home and away games is minimal. A) Yes. at the Nou Estadi they have won 4 games, with two draws and three losses, while as visitors there have been the same number of wins, 4, losses, 3, and only one draw less (1). It is clear that Nàstic’s season is not as expected. But still there are options and hope is the last thing to be lost.

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