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Gemma Pasqual: «Climate change is the greatest threat that humanity faces»

Like. Blanc, by Gemma Pasqual i Escrivà (Editorial Barcanova) is the second part of Like. blue. However, in reality white is not a color, since the protagonists do not live in dystopia, not in colors. In it, humans cannot saturate the climatic catastrophe: the Tower of London, the historic centers of Valencia, Naples, Barcelona and Saint Petersburg have disappeared. New York has become a new Atlantis with the torx of the Statue of Liberty surrounded by the ages. The Reconstruction is the solution, but tot te a price.

It is inevitable to think of Nazi Germany with the reconverted jailers…
Yes. Like the ‘camp de la mort’, the Polish Auschwitz-Birkenau has become one of the most representative icons of the holocaust. A quest monumental complex, in the heart of continental Europe, is going to be built in Kraków’s rodalies, under the famous motto ‘arbei macht frei’ (el treball us farà lliures). At the end of Like blue és on apareix the phrase ‘Els likes us faran lliures’, but in reality, els likes no ens faran lliures. Només hi ha un camí per a la llibertat: the escape. The pitjors harbingers of climate change have become reality and Reconstruction is the solution, but it can only save a part of humanity.

In the end, it is a Reconstruction per deixar-ho tot equal. It poses an ethical problem about who and what to save… You, what would you risk to save the planet?
We cannot save the planet just with individual actions, they have to be collective. Putting an end to the current unsustainable consumerism, recovering the biodiversity that we are losing by giant steps and facing climate change once and for all are the three priorities that the UN considers essential to save our planet.

It’s strange when he talks about the Moscow metro, having in mind that there are many people in Ukraine who live there, because of the Russian invasion.
In reality, the one I made is a tribute to the post-apocalyptic novel by Dmitri Glujovski, ‘Metro 2033’, which has inspired many other stories, including the famous saga of videojocs ‘Metro’. In an incredible sembla with reality to overcome many vegades to fiction.

A robot can have feelings?
They are not sensitive to pain, nor are they hormone-dependent. According to the professor of robotics Raul Rojas, he helped prevent the robots from having feelings of debò. Tot i això, thanks to automatic learning, artificial intelligence to simulate emotions.

«In reality, what I have read is a tribute to the post-apocalyptic novel by Dmitri Glujovski, ‘Metro 2033’, which has inspired many other stories»

What do you think about transgenic foods?
Tinc molts dubtes, all the studies and the information published to assess the safety or not of genetically modified food quests, the great difference in results and opinions, only confuse the consumer, which is a question of doubt whether transgenics are totally safe or if per contra, they represent a perill and you have to avoid consuming them.

Propose a catastrophic end for Earth if we don’t act…
Climate change constitutes the greatest environmental threat that humanity faces. In the probable pitjor scenarios that experts foresee, the increase in temperature could end up reaching 4.8 ºC by the end of the century. Climate change is a global problem that has an environmental, political, economic and social perspective in which the pitjors forecasts also imply enormous economic losses.

What vol amb aquesta novel·la? Invite critical esperit, as did Mr. Sosicles say?
The dystopia of LIKE will make young readers reflect and place them at the center of the conflict, not as part of the problem but as the solution. I believe that the future is of the young, the experience of the greatest and the children who have donated history. The novel·la is a vote of confidence in the new generations, a hopeful hope for the future.

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