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Gas vehicles gain positions in the online field, achieving 3% of market searches

Alternative fuels are other options that consumers take into consideration when changing vehicles because the offer in the automotive sector is, today, increasingly wide. And, consequently, there are many options that allow each customer’s needs to be met. All this added to the fact that users have acquired new consumption habits to face the current energy crisis.

The data extracted from the report prepared by Unoauto indicates that among online searches for alternative vehicles, hybrids represent 45% of the total. These are followed by the electric ones that occupy second place with 29.3%. Gas vehicles only get 6.5% of searches. A figure that represents around 3% of the market.

What advantages do gas vehicles have over electric ones?

Taking the Unoauto data as a reference, these are the advantages that gas vehicles present when compared to purely electric ones and that are vital for the customer:

Greater autonomy. Gas vehicles can exceed 1,000 kilometers without refueling. And, on the contrary, the electric ones have a range of approximately 500 kilometers.

Less refueling time. As expected, the time spent refueling gas vehicles is the same as for diesel or gasoline, compared to electric vehicles that take longer. In addition, at this point it is important to point out the lack of recharging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

This factor slows down the growth of gas vehicles

As we have already seen, gas vehicles have gained positions in terms of online searches, but there is still a long way to go to settle in the market. One of the main factors why the demand for this type of vehicle does not increase is the lack of incentive plans together with the limited supply available in the market.

According to data from the Spanish Renting Association, in 2021 a total of 18,151 liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) units were registered.

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