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Gandesa City Council awards the title of Fill Adoptiu to Tomàs Alcoverro

The Gandesa City Council is going to present the title of Fill Adoptiu to Tomàs Alcoverro Muntaner to the migdia. The municipi ret així honors the Catalan journalist, one of the most prestigious on the món àrab.

Tomàs Alcoverro, whose father’s family is from Gandesa, has always maintained a strong link between the municipality and the sixth manor house. He has also written articles and reports on the món gandesà i ebrenc, and has participated in different acts, major festivals (of which he has continued to preach) and events in Gandesa and Terra Alta. “This is a reconeixement molt merescut”, the Mayor of Gandesa, Carles Luz, assessed the Diari. «Tomàs Alcoverro is a person who has followed the flag of our municipality and there he has anat he has fet honor of Gandesa».

Així, Tomàs Alcoverro will arrive there at Plaça de l’Ajuntament with a bus accompanied by journalists and family members. He is going to be rebutted by the mayor of the city and the corporation, and in the Plenary Hall, Carles Luz is going to donate the welcome and he is going to lliurat the Square of Fill Adoption of the city. Alcoverro, very emotional, is going to talk about emotions and d’arrels: “Anar pel mon, return to the mon and arrive home on hi tinc les arrels”.

At the foot of the Lira Ampostina, it is going to come from the City Council, accompanied by a gernació de gandesans and it is going to pass through the Casa Paral dels Riello (name of the family), palau senyorial built in the 13th century, on the seu stop.

Arriving at the Plaça del Comerç, the homage is going to add the title crying out for the unitat dels pobles en nom de la llibertat. The act will be tancar-se amb a concert and the Lira will finish singing the «Visca Gandesa», anthem instituted by the mateixa music band 70 years ago, when at the Festa Major, Alcoverro was an infant and accompanied the Metge Fornós playing the hype. For this reason, the Lira Ampostina will participate: the records kept by the homage.

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