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From Bizum to Alburquerque wine from Calafell

Magdalena Minguélez, a resident of Segur de Calafell, has made two complaints to banks. One day she tried to perform an operation at the ATM and she did not know. “So I waited in a long queue until I got to the window”. But the employee indicated to Magdalena that the operation she wanted could only be done at the ATM. “I told him to come out and help me because I didn’t know.”

The answer, according to the woman, was that she could not leave. “I told her that I would either attend to her or call the Mossos and I asked for a claim sheet. So he walked me to the cashier ». Customers who witnessed the event “said we should all do the same.” But few dare, laments Magdalena.

The difficulty of operating through the ATM is experienced by thousands of people and more if they are elderly, which is not the case of Magdalena, who is 67 years old.

A course on digital technology in banking.

To try to solve many problems, the City Council has promoted some courses for the use of mobile phones. Mainly to know how to carry out banking operations. A mobile use that has also had to be mastered with the pandemic and the need to connect to the Catsalut page.

Magdalena points out that the course “has helped a lot. I have learned to make a transfer, to check if they have entered the payment… I have even discovered the payment by Bizum», although he points out that the latter does not dare to use it.

The one who has launched himself to try Bizum is José Luis Parrante, who to test the knowledge acquired in the course has bought a box of wine from his town, Alburquerque, in Badajoz.

There have already been several training sessions for the use of new technologies in applications that should help many people. But Magdalena warns that “That is not going to prevent us from deserving adequate service. I will continue complaining and calling the Mossos when we are not treated properly».

More sessions

How to deal with the banks has been the main demand of the students of the course who point out that it would be positive if more sessions were held “and that the neighbors signed up”. But that also “we must mobilize to recover closed offices.”

He recognizes that knowing how to check a balance will help many elderly neighbors who live in urbanizations and who also they have run out of branches in Segur de Calafell or in the town center. “That’s a shame”.

In addition to some basic skills for management in the course, the risks of this technology have also been alerted to avoid being victims of scams, something to which the entire population is exposed, regardless of their age.

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