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Four minors accused of stealing from a school in Reus

On the night of Sunday the 24th, the Guàrdia Urbana de Reus intercepted four underage kids near a public school in Reus.

The presence of two of them in the vicinity at that time of the morning raised suspicions among the agents, who got out of the car and asked what they were doing there. In addition to the nervousness that they showed in their answers, they had tools that were suspected of causing damage.

The agents took notes and then took a look at the educational center, finding a “gap” to access the interior and the searched drawers and hearing the noise that someone was still searching inside the educational facilities.

The agents located two kids inside the facilities and charged them with a crime of robbery with force. Along with the two of them, the other two were also arrested, although one is left without the effects of the crime as he is under 14 years old.

After identifying the kids, it was verified that they all came from the same place, a supervised center of the Generalitat. Those responsible for the school and also for the supervised center were summoned to explain what had happened.

Once the document was formalized with the statements and the evidence collected by the agents, the children were transferred to the juvenile center and the report on what happened was completed.5

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