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Four arrested for an attempted occupation in Coma-ruga

A neighbor’s notice has been essential to avoid an attempted robbery and occupation of a home in Coma-ruga.

In the early afternoon of this Sunday, a neighbor notified the Local Police that a group of people was trying to enter a house on Francisco de Goya street by forcing the door.

They came to the area three local police patrols and two from Mossos d’Esquadra who were asked for support.

Arriving at the house, he found four men who had forced access with the possible intention of settling down.

The police identified the four individuals, who were arrested for attempted usurpation of housing. One of them also for attack against the agents of the authority since he confronted the police.

It is the second police intervention in a few days in El Vendrell that prevents a hot occupation. In this sense, it highlights the importance of citizen collaboration to warn of entrances to homes.

The rapid police intervention prevents the occupants from being able to settle in the property and the eviction is more difficult.

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