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Fortes tempestes to TGN, especially to l’Ebre

After a month of Gener i Febrer amb molts ten seguits of sun, spring has arrived amb fortes pluges to the province of Tarragona, above all Terres de l’Ebre, on these dimecres they have caigut great aiguats. In the Camp de Tarragona the flock has not been so present, it faces that many people have imported an ensurt, and dels grossos, veient com un raig li passava molt a la vora. Bombers had rebutted, at 9:30 p.m., two notices per sale to Tarragona.


In l’Ebre, the months of March and April are exceptionally luxurious. Els Ports is the point that accumulates the most precipitation in the weekend darreres. At the top of Caro will be in the form of neu. If the day had unusually bright and warm temps, this is what you think you will do in winter, with low temperatures and precipitation throughout the day, which in many moments will also be accompanied by electrical discharges.

Anti-squid Canons

Also in some municipalities such as Ulldecona the precipitation goes down in the form of small stones. Precisely in Ulldecona i voltants, els veïns is queixaven ahir de «l’unbearable» soroll dels canons anticalamarsa instal·lats to a large citrus farm in Sant Rafel del Riu. Upon the arrival of a strong storm, this system is automatically set in motion, which emits some xoc into the atmosphere by displacing the stone. El seu soroll, però, porta mesos causing great discomfort als veïns.


At Camp de Tarragona, they face that they have not produced such strong plugs, many carrers have ended up to the point that the circulation of vehicles has turned out to be very complicated. Cities like Tarragona have shown spectacular images and, in other cases, in the form of raig, sense danys personals (In the video, a raig cau to the Campclar athletics track). The squid has also been present in some points of the province.

Some municipalities have remained senseless because of the water. Among them, Tarragona, which has stayed with the carrers a les fosques for a good time.

I also have problems with the circulation of the trains. As reported by Renfe, the lines R13, R14, R15, R16 and R17 are affected. According to the company, it is possible to exceed 20 minutes of delays on the trains due to an incident in installations between Tarragona and Altafulla, caused by the strong plugs.

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