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Forès opens a sports area

Forès has been a month, dins the plan of millions in different areas, to provide the municipality with a model sports area, which will be inaugurated with an ambient festival and authentically cool temperature.

The equipment, located at the peus del turó del nucli antic, allows to practice various modalities, organize tournaments and competitions, to band d’esdevenir punt de trobada, of socialization, and the marc idoni per the celebration of festivities and popular acts to l’air lliure.

In the inaugural act, representatives of the different administrations that have intervened in the financing of the sports area and public names, of the population, visitors and people of municipalities of the rodalia that will return with the new equipment will participate. This is retolated with the name of the former mayor of Forès, Josep Maria Llorac, promoter of many projects that are materializing, “in recognition of his 38 years to the mayor of the mayor and perseverance in the progress of the municipality” Quim Nin, the first vice-president of the Diputació de Tarragona, is going to assenyalar in the seu parlament. Per la seva banda, the delegate of the Government of the Generalitat in Tarragona, Teresa Pallarès, is going to express “surprise for the beauty of this town, an authentic viewpoint of the entire region and of the whole month”, in the horitzó.

Prior to the inauguration, the current mayor of Forès, Julià Josep Plaza, whose mandate is to execute most of the projects entrusted to the previous execution by Llorac, and who will also explain, was to guide the authorities and guests –among They are the president of the Conca de Barberà County Council, Assumpció Canela, and Josep Poblet, ex-president of the Tarragona Provincial Council– to give a review of the historical nucleus of Forès, the works in the area of ​​the Mirador and the church.

Andreu Cos will be in charge of explaining the history and architectural heritage of the Romanesque church of Sant Miquel and its bell tower, which has the peculiarity of being separated from the temple.

The Forès sports area was built, in three stages, on a 4,990-square-meter estate, acquired by the City Council for four years. It includes a multipurpose court designed for the practice of different sports, such as indoor soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis and handball. In addition, the complex is equipped with a petanque court and an alternative for Catalan tickets, as well as a space for renting bicycles; a part of bleachers, ramps and stairs, general lighting and the sports court, landscaping and installation of urban furniture.

The total cost exceeds 350,000 euros, an amount that has been paid with subsidies totaling more than 253,000 euros, coming from various administrations through the Pla Únic d’Obres i Serveis (PUOSC) of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Pla d’Actuació Municipal (PAM) of the Provincial Council of Tarragona. The City Council of Forès has assumed about 100,000 euros, both caring for its own resources.

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