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For sale the first self-test to detect HIV

The biopharmaceutical company LETI Pharma, SLU has put on the market the first test that uses an oral fluid sample to detect HIV in a self-diagnostic test, called OraQuick HIV, which can be done at home, allows results to be obtained in 20 minutes and has a accuracy greater than 99%. As reported by LETI Pharma SLU, which has its Spanish headquarters in Barcelona and was the first laboratory to produce penicillin in Spain, it is an in vitro diagnostic test for home use, which allows the detection of antibodies against HIV, which should help detect the virus early and be able to treat it in time.

The biopharmaceutical company, created in 1919 and a pioneer in allergy vaccines, has highlighted that, unlike other HIV self-diagnosis tests, it does not require a finger prick blood sample but rather detects specific antibodies against the virus ( HIV-1 and HIV-2) in an oral fluid sample obtained by swabbing the upper and lower gums.

The company has specified that it can take between 23 and 90 days to find detectable levels of antibodies against HIV in the body through these tests and therefore recommends that, if the OraQuick HIV test is used within three months of the last risk exposure and the result is negative, it must be repeated once the three months have elapsed.

The medical director of the Sandoval Health Center, Jorge del Romero, recalled that almost 40% of new HIV infections are transmitted by people who do not know they have the virus and hence the importance of tests to diagnose it in time.

According to Del Romero, “knowing that a person has HIV is very important because with treatment the viral load is often reduced to undetectable levels, the immune situation improves and they will not develop AIDS, in addition to the fact that a diagnosed person who receives treatment not only does not develop the disease but does not transmit HIV to their sexual partners either, so it is also very important for collective health”.

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