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Find the best business credit card by looking at these 7 features

Small business owners have many responsibilities to deal with, especially when starting out. Finances are one of the big considerations. Fortunately, a business credit card can be a key asset.

When you open a business credit card, you have the opportunity to streamline your everyday business spending and enjoy additional benefits, including purchase protection and rewards.

Business credit cards and personal credit cards are not the same thing. Most business credit card terms and conditions do not allow cardholders to use the card for personal spending. These credit cards allow your accounts payable team to disburse employee claims and track expenses.

The best business credit cards should include features that can enhance your experience. If you plan on getting your own, here are the 7 features to look for:

  • Personal guarantee requirement

Typically, a business credit card requires a personal guarantee. If your business goes bankrupt, you will personally cover all remaining debts on your business credit card account balance.

While the personal guarantee requirement is reasonable enough, it is a bit risky for businesses that are not well established, particularly start-ups or small businesses. If you’re worried about potential personal finance issues, opt for a business card that doesn’t require collateral.

  • Earning Rates and Reward Categories

Many business card enthusiasts look for business credit cards that provide rewards for purchases. This is because the feature potentially puts a lot of money back into your trading accounts. On the other hand, you have to consider several items when reviewing the rewards.

First, you need to determine if the business credit card allows you to earn points or cash back. Generally, cashback is consistent and easier to manage. For example, after making a purchase, your company will automatically get some money in the account.

On the other hand, points are considered more lucrative. However, they come with more active management requirements. They are often used for more significant net worth and travel rather than cash back.

In addition to rewards or cash back, you need to consider earning categories. This feature isn’t that impressive if your business doesn’t spend at a high rate of profit. Research your business expenses over the past year to determine which category you should consider in a business credit card. You can also know what you should invest in in the coming years.

  • Enterprise Finance Integration

Accounting and finance integration are among the latest business credit card benefits introduced to the market. Business credit cards with this feature typically come with unique financial management platforms, which integrate with existing financial software.

Connecting the platform and the software allows them to perform a variety of tasks, including determining business areas where you can save money or automating accounting tasks.

Many business credit cards dedicated to startups have these features. Don’t worry if you’re interested in these features; some cards for small and medium businesses have them.

Choosing business cards based on a single offer doesn’t seem practical, but strong welcome offers are no joke. Many of the best welcome offers can earn you thousands of dollars in value. You can find two types of welcome offers: traditional welcome offers and introductory APR offers.

Traditional welcome offers involve a windfall of rewards points or a solid refund after spending requirements are met. In many cases, these requirements are easy to obtain if you are deciding on a significant investment for your business, such as purchasing new equipment or office furniture.

On the other hand, introductory APR offers involve two options: a 0% balance transfer APR and a 0% purchase APR. These two options allow you to save a lot on interest, depending on the needs of your business.

Do you have to float a balance after making a large business investment? If so, you can opt out of the introductory APR on purchases. However, if you want to save on interest on any existing debt, choosing a strong balance transfer card allows you to transfer the balance. You can also pay the balance without interest within the agreed term.


Keep in mind that additional employee cards are handled by business card providers in different ways, depending on the features. In many cases, they add an unlimited number of employee cards to your account at no additional cost.

However, some providers only give out a limited number of free cards and then charge for more. Others do not give employee cards for free.

So if you plan to give your employees business credit cards that they can use for business purchases, be sure to determine how your preferred card provider handles employee cards.

  • Business credit card provider

You may not find this feature as crucial as some of the other features listed above, but familiarity with your business credit card provider plays a big role in the value of the card.

For example, two commercial credit card providers have unique rewards or cash back programs, and each offers a different selection of travel partners. In this case, you should review them to determine where and how you can redeem your earned rewards.

You can find some commercial credit cards that are accepted more than others abroad. If you need to use cards abroad, be sure to check if they are accepted internationally or not.

  • Additional business benefits

Most business credit cards are designed to simplify business operations with various features.

For example, if you get a travel-oriented business card, you can take advantage of foreign transaction fees, airport lounge access, free checked bags, and other perks.

On the other hand, traditional cash back or rewards cards often offer bonus rewards in purchase protection or rotating business categories.

Main advantages of obtaining business credit cards

In addition to knowing the features to look for in a business credit card, it’s also essential to discover its advantages.

Finance business purchases and streamline cash flow

A business credit card provides a line of credit that you can use to purchase business necessities, including equipment and supplies. If you are a small business owner without a credit card, you will find it difficult to purchase them.

With a credit card, you can simplify your cash flow. This allows critical business purchases to be made to fulfill orders.

Simplify employee spending

Reimbursing your employees who make business expenses with their personal cards can be a hassle. So getting a business credit card is an effective solution to manage the process.

Your employees can use it for all business expenses. You will then receive a single invoice for all business expenses each month. As a business owner, the card gives you more control over how much employees spend rather than allowing them to use their personal cards. This also allows you to freeze cards or set spending limits as needed.

Get shopping and travel protections

You can also use business credit cards to take advantage of different shopping and travel protections, like personal credit cards. These protections may include:

  • Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver
  • Trip interruption or cancellation insurance
  • Extended Warranty Protection
  • cell phone protection
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • And many more
  • earn rewards

Access account management tools

Business credit cards typically provide quarterly and year-end statements. They also allow you to download business purchase records to different accounting programs like Quickbooks and Excel. In return, you can quickly track your expenses, allowing you to streamline your finances and feel stress-free during tax season.

You can also look for business credit cards that integrate with accounting software to help simplify accounting.


You can find many business credit cards on the market. So your task is to determine which card best suits your business needs. The features listed above can simplify your selection process. Those features significantly impact the performance of business credit cards and how well they meet your needs for choosing the best ones.


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