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Dedicated practically exclusively to culture, Inés Martín Rodrigo is one of the leading national journalists in this area. After several previous works, in The forms of love Martín Rodrigo embarks on aAn emotional novel that any surname would like to have: the family portrait.

The sudden death of his two maternal grandparents, the most beloved and with whom she was very close, It is a deep blow for Noray. Through the anecdotes that Tomás and Carmen -her grandparents- told him about her throughout her life, Noray will also delve into her own memories, immersing herself in the history of her family until she elaborates a story very emotional biographical que we will know thanks to the reading of your beloved Ismael and in which we will also go through some key historical moments of our country.

«She had not left the house for several days (….) typing and chatting with the ghosts of her grandparents, who were reluctant to leave her, because they had to finish telling her their story before disappearing forever»

Through different couples and of various kinds, Noray will explore the different ‘forms of wanting’. A map of feelings whose starting point is honest and infinite love, to which we all aspire, that of the two grandparents, Tomás and Carmen; the one that becomes an anguished cry when parents separate; the one who “disguises himself as friendship” because, although “what others think is superfluous”, for many years Blanca and Trini had to secretly hold hands, the same one who cannot live in freedom like Manolín; the first, always the most intense and special; the one who feels for the profession or the culture, like Filomena; the one who manages to leave behind resentment and pain, as happened with Tomás and Sixto; the funny as well as careful between two little sisters, like Noray and Claudia; that of true friendship, the one that does not envy and fills you with happiness, like that of Carmen and her friends from Madrid; the tender between grandparents and grandchildren; the failed one like Olivia and Alberto’s; the exasperation of when you see someone suffer and you don’t have the right tools, like Noray’s family in the face of the terrible illness derived from her depression; the one that arises from the roots; that love that you can never get out of your head, soul or heart, like Ismael towards Noray; or the most important one and for which you fight throughout a lifetime: your own.

A very complete family photograph that is also the story of a lifetime, with which Martín Rodrigo and his ample pen managed to win this year’s Nadal Award.

forms of love

  • Author: Ines Martin Rodrigo
  • Publisher: Destiny
  • Pages: 403
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  • forms of love
  • Ines Martin Rodrigo
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