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Expectation, desire and prudence with the Palau d’Esports

Endorsement with prudence and expectation of the clubs of the city to the next start-up of the Palau d’Esports of the Mediterranean Ring of Campclar. After almost four years closed since the end of the 2018 Games, the venue with capacity for up to 5,000 spectators is emerging as the solution to decongest municipal facilities and, likewise, become a catalyst to take a leap in quality in the sports offer to aspire to organize great competitions. In fact, the Patronat Municipal d’Esports will send letters to the clubs this month to offer hours on the court for the equipment, in what will be a streaming survey of the expectation it has generated.

“Of course we are interested. We have a brutal infrastructure deficit that does not allow us to grow,” says the president of the Tarragona Bàsquet Club (CBT), Jacint Rodríguez, who emphasizes that, at present, the blue entity has 300 athletes “who logically can only train in the morning because they study. Regarding a possible transfer of the first team to Ponent, Rodríguez still sees Berni Álvarez’s men leaving El Serrallo next season. «The stands of the Palau are far from the track. The atmosphere would be cold, but we are willing to talk about it with the City Council if it were the best for the city, “says the president of the CBT.

Among the sport of the basket, Robert Hernández (ADT) describes the opening of the facility as “great news with a vision of the future”. “We will ask for its use. Now we have 240 licenses, with a space deficit. Due to our consolidated trajectory, we should be preferential users of the facility », at the same time that he remarks that « the Ponent entities need to decongest the current pavilions ».

SPiSP, for the Super League?
From the TGNBàsquet, Josep Maria Adam indicates that the entity residing in the Sagrat Cor could be interested “on time” in making use of the venue. “We want to continue playing the matches at Marquès de Montoliu, but the Palau could allow us to complement the training sessions of our 40 teams,” says the president. Of course, Adam is forceful in stating that “we will firmly oppose the Palau being transferred to a specific club.”

Alfonso Periáñez, president of Volei Sant Pere i Sant Pau, affirms that his entity values ​​requesting hours in the new pavilion “for the first team”. «We were born in the neighborhood, and our soul is here. The Palau could help us so that the federation lets us play if we go up to Superliga 1″, indicates the club’s top representative, who reveals that today the entity’s 16 teams “train on a third of the track and on the high school gym. Periáñez also considers that “it is necessary for a city like Tarragona to have a pavilion for 5,000 people.”

From Sant Salvador, the president of the Tarragona Handbol Club, Òscar Príncep, is cautious. “It would be good for us to organize tournaments or competitions, since three games can be played at the same time, but for the games we are fine now,” he indicates, while he prefers to see if at Campclar “there will be goals, parquet or the marks of the lines”.

Gimnàstic is also considering going to Ponent. «It would be good for us for futsal, rhythmic gymnastics or table tennis. Our athletes deserve the best training conditions,” says Vice President Bito Fuster. Four months before its long-awaited opening, the Palau already represents a new horizon for clubs to make the leap in quality they longed for.

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