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Euroports celebrates World Security Day in the Port

The company Euroports, located in the Port of Tarragona, yesterday celebrated its Global Safety Day on the occasion of World Safety Day, a day focused on raising awareness among the workforce regarding safety and health at work. Global Safety Day is celebrated every year simultaneously in the 29 port terminals that the Euroports Group operates on an international scale with the participation of all employees.

It is estimated that 50% of the accidents that occur in ports happen as a result of being run over. For this reason, this year the event held at Euroports Tarragona has focused on the dangers of being in the area of ​​movement of vehicles and heavy machinery with a practical exercise on blind driving. For this, a simulation has been carried out where possible situations have been identified where drivers can lose visibility, and the risks of being in the path of the machines when this happens.

The second part of the Global Safety Day has been oriented to a first aid workshop where it has been possible to learn how to use defibrillator equipment. The activity has been highly appreciated by employees who have been able to practice on mannequins as if they were real cases. The idea of ​​including this type of learning is that workers can integrate safety into their well-being beyond work.

Risk prevention and the safety of its workers is a priority for Euroports. In recent years, the group has substantially reduced labor incidents after having launched the “Line of Fire” (LOF) campaign, focused on preventing and controlling the dangers that employees may encounter when they are in the path of of a moving object or energy release that, when reaching us, can cause a traumatic injury. The objective of the LOF plan is to raise awareness and empower workers in decision-making in their daily lives regarding safety.

Euroports is one of the largest port infrastructure companies in Europe, operating 29 terminals in Europe and China with more than 60 million tons handled per year in bulk, conventional, road, liquid and container products. Euroports is present in Tarragona with more than 21 hectares in different concessions in the Port of Tarragona.

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