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Enyor of the masquerade | Tarragona Newspaper

The rule of the mask has been very useful to combat the pandemic and also to cover the butxaques of rapinyaires like Alberto Luceño and Luis Medina who are going to last, presumably, more than six million dollars in commissions for the sale of sanitary material the Madrid City Council. “He takes it out,” Luceño wrote to Medina when the operation was going to stop. In the end we have gotten so used to the mascareta that some will find it missing. In adolescents it is produced the “broad face syndrome”, a feeling of insecurity in leaving uncovered defects such as acne, orthodontics or premature hairiness. Als més grans, la mascareta ens has served to cover our lack of memory. «Amb la mascareta no t’havia conegut», dèiem fins ara quan ens aturava pel carrer someone who doesn’t remember who he is. Now we will return to being defenseless davant de les nostres amnèsies. One time, down the street, I’m going to address a person with the arms of bat to bat to hug me. The vaig veure so eufòric that I also vaig prepare-me per acollir-lo amb passió. When he had the davant in me, he was going to stop in seconds and he was going to crush: “I’m sorry, I trust myself.” He i will turn cua. Això, with the mask would not pass.

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