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Energy and mineral resources with reference to the war in Ukraine

Shortly after the end of the First World War, professors Jean Brunhes and Camille Vellaux wrote a treatise that subtitled Geography of the Pau and the War on Land and on the Sea (1921), which was fully of references and interesting reflections derived from the great war. In the seu text they specify that «fuel problems dominate the entire economic and political life of Europe and America, despite the Treaty of Versailles». Assenyalaven that the multiplication of the oil needs would determine the policy of the states and pose examples of the moment. A century later, the dominance of the world’s energy and mineral resources would be deriving from our conflicts that swept up all three causes to form explosive cocktails.

In the case of the current war in Ukraine, there are some special geopolitical elements that have to do with the supply and transportation of natural gas, but also, and more, there are other natural resources. Strategic energy and mineral resources are necessary for the functioning of a dynamic economy, now that it is becoming an instrument in the hands of a state to be able to control and subordinate economically and politically to other states. A revival of the old imperialisms that interpret the Estats Units, China, and the Russian Federation or Russia. Each of the three states have their own methodology to increase the serious areas of influence and impose conditions on other state governments and indirectly on the inhabitants of these.

The case of Russia is especially significant because the seva methodology, unrefined, faces both the old imperialisms of domination by means of direct coercion and the subordination of governments by arms. In the disintegration of the USSR in 1991, it became clear that that puzzle of nations was a giant with a lot of fang and the Federation hereby did not recover economically, to adopt a capitalism that goes from dalt to baix, both entrepreneurs triats for power and easy business to be exclusive. It is very possible that the Russian dynamics is very much influenced by the old political-religious ideologies of the times of the tsars and the fact that they do not have any time to practice democratic forms and methods. In the terminology of D. Acemoglu and JA Robinson, Russia would have some extractive political and economic institutions, which concentrate power in a few chapters and favor business groups for their own benefit, and to consolidate political power. They continue to have strong inequalities in opportunities and little encourages creativity, new skills and technologies, outside of the arms industry linked to the development of power and territorial dominance.

The economic result of the darrers 25 years of the rus state, it is not to be admired, the nominal GDP was the darrer any year of 1,703 thousand million $ and per capita of 11,665 $, just a little higher than that of Spain that it was $1,570 billion and $33,171 per cap. I these results in a state immens unes 34 vegades larger than the Spanish state, with more than 145 million inhabitants of different languages ​​and ethnicities, with 11 time limits limited to 7 per practical effects, and 37,653 kilometers of coastline, the major part in mars gelats intercontinentals. Due to the severe immensitats and the occupation of sparsely populated and exploited areas, the quantity of natural resources that it has is also superlative. It occupies the second position in natural gas resources and also in production. The largest oil reserves after those of Venezuela, Arab countries and Iran. But there are also large deposits of strategically considered materials, including antimony, beril·li, pal·ladi, rodi, ruteni, iridi, graphite, fluorite, cobalt, etc., some of them exclusively gairebé.

Having Ukraine only one influence or another is not trivial, because it is a market of 45 million, both lands are highly productive and both mineral and energy resources

Araba in Ukraine also has gas from schists in Donbass and mineral resources that are little exploited, with deposits of beryl li, gal li, lithi, graphite, uranium, cobalt, titanium, and especially the manganese deposits of the mines of Nikopol and Bolshe Tokmak. Independence of the important iron and coal mines in the region at the beginning of the current war conflict.

What Russia does not tolerate is that the unaccompanied states of the USSR, which are the seus veïns propers and which have become politically and economically dominated areas of Moscow, are vulnerable to allunyar-se of the Kremlin and it is decantin cap als occidentales països, thing that vol dir the preference pels béns de consum of the European Union and also for seva culture. Loss of political and market influence, translated by the substitution of some marques de cotxes for some others, from rus for l’anglès, and from the balalaika for the electric guitar, between moltes altres coses.

In this situation, Russia’s dominating attempts have been based on selling abroad its energy and mineral resources. In the case of gas and oil, good market prices were introduced in other countries thanks to gas pipelines, it is bought by nominees between the leaders of the seves companies and Western politicians (the most notable case being that of the former chancellor Germany Schröder, in the council of Gazprom, Rosneft and Nord Stream1), help the European political parties that are interested in their ends, etc. When they already have these statuses ben agafats for the part that interests them, they begin to have high price increases, restrictions if it is not complex to the will of the Kremlin, or fins and tot tancament of the subministry, as it happens both Poland and Bulgaria, for not paying both rubles, while Germany, which will not run out of gas, negotiates to pay both euros to Gazprom Bank, one of the two western operating banks, which they will exchange in rubles.

Total, a comedy and drama sagnant at the same time, with different actors, that the one that flies one is annul·lar the others because they are the masters of all the universal theater. A confrontation between the imperis nous dels Estats Units i de Rússia, who try to get more territorial areas of domain, while the European Union fa de comparsa i Ukraine hi poses the peons i les proprietats. Having Ukraine with one influence or another is not trivial, because it is a market of 45 million, both highly productive lands and both mineral and energy resources.

We believe that it is important to analyze the fets and surround the areas of the problems, because on the contrary, there is the possibility of staying with both news and information, true and false, and I will not practically understand them.

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