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Endesa reinforces the electrification of Salou | Tarragona Newspaper

Endesa has recently finished some works of reform of the xarxa elèctrica de mitjana tensed the municipality of Salou which have consisted of the technological renewal of a total of 10 processing centers. Per fer-ho possible, the Company has invested gairebé €100,000 that are intended for the installation of state-of-the-art cabins as well as for the replacement of low-voltage quadres. These actions respond to the effort that is being made Endesa to equip the network distribution network, and in this particular case, in Salou, with the greatest darreres because it is more resilient, flexible and digital, in short, to increase the seva electrification and prepare it for all energy uses d’un futur no gaire llunyà.

The transformation centers on their intervention are located at Plaça d’Europa, the Avinguda Navarra, the Vila-seca motorway, the Reus motorway, Via Roma and Carrers Montblanc, Falset, Via Aurèlia, City of Reus and Fray Junípero Serra. To all of them, yes it has replaced the conventional wall with new technology cabins. The new system install lat supposes a substantial gain in infrastructure security, since it replaces the air cabins by some encapsulades with a gas of especially insulating characteristics. These devices, completely watertight, have a better extinguishing capacity in case an incident occurs and are safer for the technicians, when they have to enter the transformation center to carry out maintenance work and milling or to carry out some maneuver. In quatre d’aquestes instal·lacions, a month, s’hi has instal·lat a new quadre de baixa tensió to improve the seva maneuverability. These actions directly benefit the more than 2,000 clients which depend directly on these transformation centers but in reality, the benefit is for the entire municipality, since the different tension lines are interconnected with each other in a mesh system.

Is that it makes sense to leave aside the usual tasks of maintenance and millora of the seva infrastructure, Endesa In recent years, a significant investment has been made in the technology of the seva xarxa to provide it with the darrers of technological advances and to automate the seves infrastructures, a basic aspect of the anomalies xarxes intel ligents or smartgrids, and that, d’ another band, they are known to be more resilient. The objective is to improve the quality of the supply, increase the level of digitization and reinforce and expand the distribution network to promote electrification. Electrification will lead to a more extensive use of electrical energy, leaving behind fossil fuels.

This process of decarbonization is based on the integration of renewable energiesthe development of‘self-consume and the technologies that facilitate distributed energy, including the mass deployment of electric vehicles. Thus, the networks have become facilitators of the energy transition and demand a continuous increase in the digitization of the various infrastructures. Is that the distribution network is such and with the coneixem, passive, te els dies comptats in favor of the active and participative networks, with the client it will be the center of the electrical system and the quality of the service it rep will improve. It is because of this that Endesa places digitization at the core of all this change, since the electrical infrastructures will be the real facilitators of the energy transition process in which they are already immersed. Només during the past year, the energy distributed by e-distribution to Catalonia will arrive at 43,833 GWh, which thing represents a 33% of all the State and a 1.2% more than the previous one.

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